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What to do with two contrasting t-shirts and a couple of hours...
This is my first tuto ever! I've published some T-shirt dresses before, but this one is my own creation, out of two contrasting boyfriend tees! If you have any doubt (remember English is not my mother tongue!) please ask in the comments ;-)

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  • How to sew a t-shirt dress. Two Color Tee Dress - Step 1
    Step 1

    Start with two old, oversized tees in contrasting colors.

    Take your underbust, waist and hips measurements, as well as vertical measurements. Divide the horizontal measurements by 2 (half will be in the front, half in the back).

    Choose the main color t-shirt (mine is yellow) and lay it inside out on the table. Remove the sleeves (we're using them later) and cut straight across the top of the t-shirt.

    Draw the middle line in front and transfer your half-measures over it, MINUS 3cm each side. So, if you have a 64cm waist, you are going to draw half of it - 32cm - minus 6cm - or a total 26cm. Same applies for underbust and hips.

    The underbust line shall be put over the cut line at the top. For the hem line, I just draw a diagonal line from the hip measurement to the corners of the t-shirt.

    Then draw the general dress form using your measures and pin the front and the back of the tee together.

    (another explanation of the drawing method can be found here: http://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/t-shirt-dress-3. Note that we are changing the measurements since we're using 2 colors)

  • How to sew a t-shirt dress. Two Color Tee Dress - Step 2
    Step 2

    Cut out the shape over the front and the back of the tee at the same time, letting 1-2 cm for sewing.

    Now for the black gusset:
    Pin the yellow form to the wrong side of the other t-shirt, in about the same position so the hems match. Draw around the form with your chalk.

    Prolongate the horizontal lines and include 3cm each side, plus 1 or 2 cm for ease (or even more if you prefer a larger fit). Then re-draw the gusset form each side. On the next step I will show how I did my flared skirt...

  • How to sew a t-shirt dress. Two Color Tee Dress - Step 3
    Step 3

    I don't like a dress too snug over my hips, so I created a triangular gusset on the lower part of the black t-shirt. Lift the yellow t-shirt a bit over the hips (you can see the hip line in the pic) and from there draw a triangle to the inside of the black t-shirt.

    Pin the gussets and cut, then sew the outer side closed.

  • How to sew a t-shirt dress. Two Color Tee Dress - Step 4
    Step 4

    This is one of the side gussets, all sewn up, open and ready to apply to the main body of the dress. I ended up doing them on the wrong side of the black t-shirt because I wanted to hide some horrible image on the right side, but it's better to use the right side.

  • How to sew a t-shirt dress. Two Color Tee Dress - Step 5
    Step 5

    Pin the gussets to each side of your dress, right sides together, and sew. You'll have the lower part of your dress all ready. Yay!

  • How to sew a t-shirt dress. Two Color Tee Dress - Step 6
    Step 6

    Now for the top part: since I'm quite slender and my tees were XL size, I could do it only with the black tee sleeves, but fuller figures will maybe need some more material. There will be a lot we haven't used from the black t-shirt, or you can sew together both black sleeves for the front and both yellow ones for the back, or invent another solution which I haven't thought of!

    I'll explain the method used for my dress and I hope you will show me your solutions in the comments!

    Cut open both sleeves and mark the middle line of one of them. For the front part, cut a 18cm width band out of one of the sleeves, keeping the hem at the top; for the back part, the band will be 12cm (just enough to cover my bra strap!).

    Measure the length of your bands, cutting them up to the measurement of your bust (my suggestion: pin one of the sides and "wear" the long band over your bust, aligning the pinned part with the side of your body. Pinch the band closed on the other side, pin/mark and cut, letting some sewing space)

  • How to sew a t-shirt dress. Two Color Tee Dress - Step 7
    Step 7

    We are then shirring the outer sides of the front part so they get to the same measurement as the back part. Once you get the shirring right, pin both parts together and sew.

  • How to sew a t-shirt dress. Two Color Tee Dress - Step 8
    Step 8

    Align the central line of the top piece with the central line of the dress, then pin the top to the dress and sew. We are almost finished!

  • How to sew a t-shirt dress. Two Color Tee Dress - Step 9
    Step 9

    Put a shirring thread over the central line of the dress top to create the "sweetheart" neckline. If you prefer a straight neckline just skip this step. You can shirr as much or as little as you want.

  • How to sew a t-shirt dress. Two Color Tee Dress - Step 10
    Step 10

    For the shoulder straps, just cut out the hem from the yellow tee sleeves and use them, cutting them the right size. Or use your imagination!

    And... we're finished. Hope you liked it ;-) Let me know in the comments!



nhothman89 · 11 projects
love love love it so much! and it looks so amazing on you Happy good job!
Kim  T.
Kim T. · London, GB · 15 projects
cute Happy love the step by step photos
Deana V.
Deana V. · Decatur, Illinois, US · 3 projects
Too cute and super awesome! Definitely a project on my to do list
Su. · New York, New York, US · 10 projects
wonderful how to! i cant wait to try this one, time to raid my husbands closet!
Julia V.
Julia V. · 7 projects
I am quite curious to see all your versions Happy and Lizicus L., don't forget to tell us what your modifications were !
Lizicus L.
Lizicus L. · 1 project
I actually started making my own 2 tee dress using this.
I have a stockier build, so some Of the steps were a bit tricky. I hope to have it done by tonight, though! Happy
Mani "m&mz" p.
Mani "m&mz" p. · 1 project
I love this!!! and I am using this ASAP Happy
Destiney Y.
Destiney Y. · Green River, Utah, US · 36 projects
i love this i have no bust and this cut always give me the illusion of something so going to use this! i might even use these yoga pants that are ripped up one leg becuase i love the leg desine on the side pannels!
Julia V.
Julia V. · 7 projects
I'm glad you like it :-D Looking forward to see your version. Good sewing!
Bat Ma'am
Bat Ma'am · Seattle, Washington, US · 13 projects
LOVE LOVE LOVE this design!!!! I can pull this off, I'll share my version when im done xD thank you for this, I've been dying for a cool t shirt dress, this is totally my style Happy

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