Michaels needlecraft book blows~ evil pattern thats driving me bonkers~

so see if you crocheters out there can make heads or tails of it, ive gotten as far as row 10 being "pretty sure" i was doing correctly, but then, on 11 where it wants (inc,3 sc) the stitches dont fit and it makes it all wavy weird and i am almost positive its not right. so im reading it wrong, i am assuming, i just dont know what to change! here goes...

Lily's Sugan 'n cream, 100% cotton yarn, 2.5 oz/71g=approx 120yd/109m, one ball each of delft blue and hot green ( i couldnt find delft blue and used hot blue, looks good together also!)

to start.
in green, ch 6

rd1: starting in second ch from hook, sl st 4 back down chain, ch 1, 8 sc in the last ch, then go around the back of the stem and join to ch 1, ch 1.

rd2: 2 sc in each st, join, ch 1

rd3: sc in each st, join, ch 1

rd4: (inc, 1 sc) around, join, ch 1

rd5: sc in each st, join, ch 1

rd6: (in FRONT loop only) (sk 2 st, 6 dc in one sp, sk 2 st, 1 sc) 4 times, join to first ch, fasten off green.

rd7: with blue, in BOTTOM loop of previous rnd, ch 1 and sc in same sp. (inc, 1 sc) around, place marker and move at end of each rnd to keep track.

rd8: sc in each st (36 sc st)

rd9: (inc, 2 sc) around

rd10: sc in each st

rd11: (inc, 3 sc) around.

rds12-28 for an infant sized hat, stop increasing and spiral down to rnd 28.

***ok, now, looks simple, and i was SO SURE i would be just fine, but i am confused... doesnt (inc, 3 sc) mean 3 single crochets in each crochet of previous round? if so, it just looks WEIRD and WRONG to my eyes... AT LEAST Lily's sugar n cream is cheap and cute for stashing!!!

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I'm getting a bit confused.

For round 4: (inc, 1 sc)
Inc would be like saying 2 sc right?

And from the pattern of how the increases and the like are written,
It would seem like round 11, might mean just one single crochet in
the next 3 stitches.

I might try out this pattern when I get the chance and see how it looks.

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