Flaming Carrot Flippers Crocheted...Help! :)

This is really kind of random....but for my boyfriend's birthday, I'm crocheting his favorite comic book character...The Flaming Carrot. I'm absolutely stuck on how to make his flippers though, I think that's what they're called. I've tried writing up a pattern and will be more then happy to share it once I'm done...I'm pretty darn proud of how he's turning out so far....except for the flippers...I think I have about 15 little green crocheted mistakes...Tongue If anyone has any suggestions I'd be so grateful. His birthday/My deadline isn't until the 4th of May, but I'd love to get it done early. You can learn all about The Flaming Carrot and see what his flippers look like on Bob Burden's website. www.flamingcarrot.com
Any help would be sooo appreciated....Thanks!

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