For The Love Of Poetry

So I like it wordy, with long, reaching verses,
Lines rich with language – they act like they’re curses.
Short, choppy, and only holding half a thought,
Those lines are not lines, they are really not!

I like to read poems that are country air;
Warm and roomy and beautifully fair.
I do not want to breathe in that city smoke;
Which cuts you off and causes you to choke.

I like poems that are poems just for the fun,
Getting lost in the words is rivaled by none.
Poetic prose that flows as silky as butter,
Tastes better on the tongue and makes my heart flutter.

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1 reply since 7th October 2011 • Last reply 7th October 2011

Hmmm...I suggest you read some Oscar Wilde, if you don't already. And also, I love this poem, and I can imagine you being a fortune teller for some reason. Like, if you were my friend, I would expect you to read my palm. Coming from me, that's a compliment, btw. lol

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