Need a Rant.

So last year I took a job working retail. I had no prior retail experience and had always worked corporate but I needed a job and I wanted one that was flexable enough to work around my new found love- crafting. 5 months ago a temp position opened at the corporate offices for my job and I was offered one of the three positions they were trying to fill. I was only supposed to be there until the first week of June but then my contract was extended and I ended up staying there up until the end of July. It came at a great time for me because I found out I was pregnant just before starting and I needed both the extra income, work stability and to not be on my feet all day lifting heavy boxes.

The other two temps I worked with were from temp agencies and one of them was hired on full time within a month of her starting. That was a real slap in the face.I applied for a job working full time at the corporate offices the last few weeks I was there only to discover that they were actually wanting to hire the other temp I worked with. She ended up also not getting that job but she was given another position instead. I was however shipped back to the store where I was getting less than 10 hours a week.

My old boss at the store knew about my restrictions and upon my return to the store instisted I be allowed to sit and was not allowed to pick up or carry anything heavy. However, one of the other managers wanted to try her hand in that position and threw her weight around until she got it.

So last week when I was working one of my few hours, (I was actually scheduled to work 3 6 hour days but they told me to not come in one of them).
My new boss was the opening manager and only manager in the store that morning. She made me wait outside in the middle of a height advisory for 10 minutes before letting me in the store before opening. Then about halfway through my shift she came up and saw me sitting on the stool provided while I was checking out a guest and she said "Do you have a doctor's note saying you can sit on that stool," My response was "Yes, I am 6 months pregnant," she rolled her eyes and said "Yeah. Right," I couldn't believe it and neither could the guest I was helping. She looked disgusted by the fact that a manager would talk to one of her employees like that and I felt disgusted.

So I was scheduled to work again today and about 20 minutes ago my other boss called me and told me she needs to cut hours so she's cutting mine again so she doesn't want me to come into work today. Which means I'm going to have a full 4 hours on my pay check this week. Do you think they are trying to get me to put in my notice or what? I'm pretty much over working there at this point.

Luckily for me, and this is my sad bright side. I was asked by one of my sisters if I would consider watching her kids for her as she goes beck to work. This would be a full time position that wouldn't make me rich by any means but at least I'd be making more money than I am now. The only real good thing about this offer is that it will allow me to stay home with my baby the first year of his life. Which is great, by I also can't help but feel bitter because I know that part of why I was passed up for a full time position at corporate was because I am pregnant and because I have no real proof to that I can't take legal action.

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