today...i have to rant or i´ll explode!!

today is just one of these days that pissing me off so much it can´t be real.
first, i went to pick up my journeyman´s piece and found my classmates complaining about how bad our school is and that they want better marks and another location for our final fashion show in march AGAIN!
they know the date and the place of the show for almost a year, but now they want something different because we have to pay for it. i mean it´s not really cool to pay another 200€ for participating in the show because we already pay the school money every month, but it´s too late to mourn about the location and that a theatre doesn´t fit to some collections. they should´ve said something a year ago, they said they have but noone really cared about, but i have the feeling that they just wanna have some drama as always. first it was about our lessons that weren´t good enough, no it´s a location and in some weeks it will be something different again.
then, someone from the school offered me a job in a company that search for help in the patternmaking section. i called there but the person couldn´t help me, but they wanted to call back, which they didn´t do. today, i called there again and got to the reliable person for patternmaking and she knew nothing about that offer. i should send my cv and they will look if they have some vacancies or need for help.
after that, i sent my concept for my final collection to one of my teachers so she can read and correct it. i thought i really did a good job on that piece, took me a couple of days to write that and my other teacher said it was good, there were only missing some details, a few minutes ago i received an email back, saying that i probably missed to many lessons of her course because it is all rubbish however she will read it (what?!). so she didn´t read through but said it´s all wrong and that i have to do lots of corrections...
feeling better now Happy

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That sounds like an absolutely horrid day.
I'm totally sending you mental hug vibes. I hope it all works out!

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