New and need help!

My girlfriend and I had an idea and well we don't know who to talk to about it so here we come to the internet!!!! BTW if this should go elsewhere let me know. But we are looking to make a Tiny top hat which is Hedgehog&steam punk themed. My grand mental visual is of a hat half metal quills half steampunky metal stuffs. BUUUUUUUTTTTT we don't know the first place to start or what to use sooooooooooooooooooooo any advice you mighty mighty lords of the cute and awesome?

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HELLO! Welcome, Welcome to CO+K! ^_^ I don't usually make steampunk stuff because the supplies are hard to come by out here in Hawaii, buuuut I think this Tutorial would really get you off to a good start with your project!

Also when I have a general idea for something I havent ever done before I really like to just browse this site and also places like for ideas or styles that I am looking for. Then kinda sketch it out on paper. I'd make the hat first and then get out all the supplies you have and start messing around with the look and placement of stuff. When you have a good idea you can start sewing things into place or hot glue them to the hat.

If you need parts for the steampunk and have time to wait for shipping has a ton of great sellers who just sell junk clock and watch parts. Here is an example of a large lot for a decent price.

And as for quills, IDK if you'd be able to find metal quills, but you could buy some real ones and spray paint them a nice silver metallic color.

Here are some other great quills for sale Happy

I hope that helps give you some good ideas or sets you in the right direction Happy Good Luck! If you do end up making the hat you should deffinetly post it on the site as a project!

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