I believe everyone is a little OCD so....

What weird things do you do? Or things that other people might think is weird. I'll just list my stuff it will be easier.

I can't leave a bathroom until my hands are completely dry.
I put the same amount of swipes of deodorant on each armpit.
I only wear a ring on each of my ring fingers.
If I'm eating M&M's or Skittles or candy like that I have to find two of each color and if there is an odd number I will split the last in half.
I have to have the same amount of food on each side of my mouth. I can tell when I chewed too much on one side.
I have to put my left leg in my jeans first. I tried to do my right leg first the other day and I almost fell over.
If I wear bracelets it has to be the same amount on each wrist.

And...I can't really think of anything else I do that's a little weird right now. I just figured other people have stuff that do and wanted to see if anyone else does anything I do.

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I like to tear my food apart or eat it with a knife and fork. People think I'm strange when I eat a burger or pizza with utensils. I may look weird but I'm not making a messy ass of myself. Tongue

LMAO @ "I have to put my left leg in my jeans first. I tried to do my right leg first the other day and I almost fell over."

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So true here are mine:

I have to sleep ontop of a blanket because I hate how bed sheets feel.
I dont eat folded chips

=) haha

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If I have a ring on one hand, I have to have one on the other.
Same with bracelets.
If I have a wristband from somewhere, I have to have them give me one for the other hand, which is really difficult to explain sometimes.
If I start a sentence with proper capitalization and punctuation, I have to finish it that way (writing or typing).

...I have a LOT of things, but I can't think of them right now.

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I have to have bangs. If I don't, I can't stand the way my hair feels on my head.
In the shower, I have to wash my hair first and my face last.
When I drive my car on a nice day, I have to have both of the front windows down.

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Mine are mostly food related, If i eat a bag m+m's, skittles or colourful sweets I have to pick out my least favourite colour/flavour and eat them first then work my way to my favourite flavour so i eat each colour separately. Chocolate bars or biscuits i have to eat the chocolate off then eat the filling. Meals usually veg gets eaten first, then carbs then meat (depends on the meal though can't do it if its all mixed.)

I cant sleep without the covers over me or at least covering part of my because I feel vunerable without them. I cant dangle my feet or arms over the edge of the bed I have this insane childhood image of something getting them if i do. If I switch the light off to go to bed I have to run to the bed because i get freaked out but once my eyes adjust to the dark im fine.

Also because i now live with my Fiancee everything in the house that doesnt need to be on gets switched off when we go to bed or leave the house.

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OCD for me....

I have to lock and re-lock the front door up to 30 times a night.
If something isn't right, I will rub/scratch my arms, sometimes till they bleed.
I can't eat with big cutlery, I'm sure I will hurt myself or choke.
If someone pours custard/cream on desert or pours milk on my cereal, I feel physically sick and start crying, I then can't eat the food.
If someone comes to close to me whilst I'm eating I have to throw my food away.
If someone touches my food, I can't eat it and have to throw it away.
If I get 'locked up' I will twitch and have to touch my head and then point at things. I will continue to do this till I exhaust myself.
I can't be a passenger in a car without a window open or I'll panic because I can't breathe. This also affects travelling on a train, a coach and an aeroplane.

There are so many others, but these are the worst ones (I think)
You'd have to ask my boyfriend for the others.

Oh, almost forgot.... cleaning. I have to wipe the work surfaces in the kitchen hundreds of times to make sure they are clean. I have to vacuum until all traces of dust are gone. If I'm particularly anxious, then every surface that can be bleached in the house, gets bleached.

Oh, and when I'm leaving the house, I have to do my check list at least 10 times before I can close the front door.
Purse, car keys, house keys, mobile phone. Purse, car keys, house keys, mobile phone. Purse, car keys, house keys, mobile phone (you get the idea). And even if I have all of them in my hand, I still cannot shut the front door until I'm satisfed I've got everything.
This can be a little distressing if I'm already running late for something.

I've got to stop now, or I'll keep going until you are all bored.


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I have to sleep with a blanket covering me, even if I'm dying of heat.
I can't sleep if I'm alone, I need a teddy or my cat or at least another person in the same room because it makes me feel safe.
I constantly brush my hair out of my face and put it behind my ear. I even do that when my hair is already behind my ear.
I'm constantly breaking off split ends or click my nails together.
I always wear my fiancé's hoodie, even if I'm dying of heat or if I'm just walking around the house.

I can't think of any more at the moment but I know there are more...

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*I constantly wash my hands or use hand sanitizer
*I lock my car doors from the inside then outside with the clicker once they are shut, and if anybody walks by while I'm driving
*I have to cut a piece off of a hotdog then eat the casing off of that piece before I will eat the whole piece
*I can't stand it when shirt sleeves are flipped and I will fix them even if I don't know you
*I also straighten and fix stacks of things, if someone moves one of them I have to fix it again

I know there is more but that's all for now :]

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When I listen to music, for example in a car, the volume must always be an even number (f.ex. 20,22,24,26 etc). I'll go crazy if the volume is something like 23 or 31. I have created little rules, or exeptions to this 'thing' of mine. The number is also ok if it can be divided by 5, so 25, 35 etc are fine. Also 13 is ok, 'cause it's a 'special' number. Happy It's really not as complicated as it sounds.. Happy

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* The volume of my tv always needs to be on a number that can be diveded by 5. So 5,10,15,20,25 ect. And if I'm in my parents car the same rule works for the car-radio.
* I always have the same seat in the buss or metro. There are a few seats I can pick depending on wich bus or metro I travel, but never another.
* When I start up my computer I first check my mail, then a BPD-forum and then CO+K. Only after these steps I can look at a diffrent websites
* When I'm scared or having a panic-attack I need a specific plushie to help me calm down and feel safe
* Before I go somewhere I have to check the bus schedule which bus I need. Even if I make the same journey weekly at the same time. And when that bus is 1 minute late I'm already starting to panic that I will be late
* Allthough my room is a huge mess, some stuff has it's own place. So when someone puts it in the wrong place I immediately take it and put in in the right place.

There are much more things, but I can't think of them right now.

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My OCD stuff all relates to cleaning! lol
It drives my husband crazy sometimes. I like to clean and have always been a very tidy person, but a little more to the extream. Sometime I just clean like normal. But when something sets me off, watch out!!!! I know where it started too, and why I do it, but that is a whole nother story, lol.

If I am caught off guard by a visitor I HAVE TO CLEAN every room, completely! Like if my husband walks in the door and tell me his friend will be over in 30 min to hang out, I go in to crazy mode!
Another thing that sets me off is if I am mad or if my husband is mad (doesnt have to be mad at me, just mad) Then I really get going and I have to do everything, all the rooms, sweeping, mopping, vaccuming, windows, dished, laundry, toilets, make beds. Oh and it all has a very specific order.

Also if I am nervous, worried or anxious I clean too. But at those times its usually like when I am trying to go to bed and I am laying awake thinking of whatever it is that I am worried about. I have to get up and start cleaning. My husband likes to make jokes that he wonders if I am on Meth/drugs because of how I clean when I am worried.

And lastly I have to have list. I cant keep track of anything in my head. I have to have list that I can see and carry with me.
All my online passwords are written down in a safe place, Swap partners and ideas for those swaps along with addresses and dates are all written down so I can keep track, shopping, chores, daily errands and dates of events are all written down. And not like "oh remeber to return library books" it has to say which library and what books, and what number on the list of things todo is it. lol Its pretty goofy, But I run my house and have too keep track of everything in it. So I guess its a mixed blessing Happy

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When I eat I must have a sort of ratio for food, for example: strawberry, two blueberries, raspberry, strawberry, two blueberries, raspberry. If I can't have a pattern I will eat the fruit that doesn't fit the pattern so I can finish eating my food in a pattern. So if I have 8 blueberries, 3 strawberries and 4 raspberries I will eat a raspberry and 2 blueberries so i can have 6, 3 and 3 which will make a pattern.

I always wash my face after I have washed my hair.

Things must be in rainbow order... ever since I was about 3 pencils, books, everything must be in rainbow order.

If I can't have it in rainbow order i'll have it in height order.

Even though my room is messy, everything has a place (even if that place is on the floor). That is my way of organising.

Whenever i'm on my computer I must stay on for a time that is a multiple of 5...

The volume on my music must be an even number (that's a pretty common one).

Also I don't like arriving early or late. I've got to be exactly on time.

That's pretty much it. The link below is for one of my favourite websites. Go on, satisfy your inner OCD.


I love this website. It's pointless, but I always find myself organising things like this...

Almost forgot, my itunes library must be immaculate. Every artist in their own playlist. Nothing must be missing any information. That's probably the most annoying one. Spending hours over organising digital music that no one apart from me will ever see.

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I have to sleep with my feet covered. And it can't be covered with socks, it has to be a blanket.

I saw this on someone else's, if someone's sleeve is folded and the other one isn't, I have to fix it.

When I'm coloring, I have to color in the same direction, if not, I have to start over.

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