40 hour famine

Hello everyone,
This August Im doing the 40 hour famine, as the name suggests I will be going without food for 40 hours. This is something pretty big for me, as Im pretty much always eating. Its run by World Vision and its to raise money for the Global Food Crisis in countries such as Nepal, Kenya, Cambodia and Laos. If you have the money to spare could you please make a credit card donation through this link-

Thanks so much,

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I dont know about the 40 hour famine,
but in grade 6
my whole grade 6 class in the entire school (that's about 200 kids)
did the 30 hour famine
it was SO MUCH FUN!
you're allowed to eat rice & jello and drink water
we played so much games
and held fundaraisers all week!
You're going to LOVE DOING IT if you do it with a HUGE group of friends.
As for online donations i dont have a credit card Happy
sorry! but maybe you could do a bake sale?
hold a talent show?
hold a girls spa
& raise money for it?
we did all that and it.was.AWSOME
have fun!

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omg, id die if i was on a famine, so to speak, and was having a bake sale. ;-D

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