We Blog, You Blog, We All Blog!

I know a lot of crafters out there on the internet blog... I know I do ;) I thought we could all share our blogs here and say a little bit about ourselves to spread the word! It might also be nice to find some other COaKers out there in the blogging world, so maybe we could all go on and just say hi on each others blogs. How does that sound?

So my blog is Savalou Blogged at http://savaloublog.wordpress.com
A little bit about myself: My name is Eve, but I also go by Evie (pronounced eevee, like the pokemon, haha... I'm not a pokemon fan, that's just my nickname) and Savalou here on the internet. I'm Scottish (and therefore AWESOME by default) and I only recently started crafting Happy

Who's next?

(by the way, I was previously Evie G., the one with the yawning cat avatar, just so no one gets confused Tongue)

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I love the magazine bag you have on your blog!

My shiny, new blog is at http://aesthetic-ethics.blogspot.com/

And a little bit about myself: I'm trying create an entirely ethical wardrobe, without necessarily looking like all my clothes come from Traidcraft, and I like to blog about it. I like to sew and knit and I am eternally trying - and failing - to learn to crochet. I come from Liverpool but I live in Oxford where I can get my hands on a cream tea any time I like.

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