Top Nine Least Favorite Fashion Trends

okay...heres my list:

1. uggs. theres a reason the word 'ugly' is so close to uggs
2. low-waisted jeans. um NOBODY needs to see your crack thank you very much
3. the 'cute' look. A MASK OF MAKEUP IS NOT CUTE!!
4. juicy couture tracksuit. KILL THE TACKINESS KEEL IT!!
5. gangsta style. you know, the whole thing where your pants are around your ankles, and your grabbing your crotch. um. no.
6. permanent hair extensions. can you say TACKY?!
7. GRILLZ. um. gold-plated teeth are NOT cool
8. high-waisted jeans/skirts. UGH!!! youre waist is not just below your boobs. it is AT YOUR WAIST
9. SKINNY SKINNYNESS. ok, this isnt a trend. but come on, 00 soze jeans?? one of my friends is petite, and thats ok, but anorexia is NOT COOL. say no to drugs!

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I have an issue with some of the things on your list. Uggs, I think some of them are cute. Boots are in style and chances are they're going to stay in style for quite some time.

I wear low-waisted, I don't wear anything else. I feel so uncomfortable with pants that come to my belly button. Hair extensions come in handy a lot. I have really thin hair and hair extensions add volume!

Skinny skinnyness? Some people can't help how tiny they are. I'm a zero but when I was in 9th grade I was a double zero. I can't help how skinny I am, you should punish people for being skinny. It's kind of rude, just as if they plus size.

But I can't stand those damn coon-tails.
They give me the shivers.

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I don't think Courtney was trying to insult naturally skinny people... she did say that "anorexia isn't cool" - meaning unnatural skinnyness. She even specified that she thinks it's fine to be naturally small. I have to agree with CC about Uggs. I love boots, but Uggs just aren't appealing to me. Anyway, here is my list:

1. "Funny" t-shirts. (You know, the ones with pop culture reference puns or sex jokes on them.)
2. Ballet-style flats. I know lots of girls think they're adorable but I just happen to disagree.
3. Leggings/tights that stop at the calf or ankles. They used to be quite popular and I never really understood why.
4. Pre-ripped jeans. Why pay extra for worn and tattered clothes? If you just crave a ripped look so much, rip them yourself for a fraction of the price.
5. Gangsta style.
6. The "kinderwhore" look. Think early 90s girl grunge/punk bands wearing smeared makeup and torn babydoll dresses.
7. Thick rimmed "emo" glasses.

Hmm... that's all, really.

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aww guys, I like ballet-style shoes, only because I need to wear flats, and I can't wear my sneakers to work boo.

oh year court I am like a 0, can't help it, Me small.

mmm lets see

well I don't understand all these girls who are like 11 dressing like they are 20. Where are the mom's? I mean belly baring tops at 11!!??

ooh crocs, I know they are compy, but crocs with everything? Dresses, skirts??

really tiny skirts and thongs...I don't want to see your bum

oh people wearing 3 inch heels who can't walk in them. Nothing ruins your outfit more then shoes YOU CAN"T WALK IN

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I love low wasited jeans, mine always sit on my hips Happy they do tend to fall down a bit but I wear a belt and pull them up before I stand up, it's annoying when you get to see some girls thong because of her jeans though!

1. Tracksuits. I hate it when you see girls in a tracksuit, all one colour that is zipped up as far as the jacket will go and it's all one colour, but then they'll have a little handbag too and it just looks well crap.
2. Huge gold earrings, that look fake.
3. blue eyeshadow
4. emo, I'm sorry but I just don't like that style

I think if you like something whatever wear it but I hate seeing clashes that don't work and people wearing the wrong shaped clothes for their bodies, everybody comes in different shapes and sizes but people like the hide in their clothes when if they dressed to suit their shape then they'd be embracing their figures and showing it off! But I understand being shy and self concious!

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yayaya my turn.

hmmm...i dont like these little girls wearing the as me and my bestie calls it "hoochie wear." I will not but my five year old in a mid drift shirt showing her belly along with those really short shorts...I cant believe it that they want these little girls to dress like older women.

I do agree with Michelle on the ballet style much as i was totally against them...but now since my leg/ankle injury it will be the closest thing to wear to a dress shoe if I get tired of wearing the sneakers.

I do not like seeing some women who are willing to squeeze into a size that is like 5 times smaller...really dont want to see your chumbies or your assents ... good that you have confidence and all but wearing something that is more your size is more flattering to your body frame and better on the eyes.

I do hate the crocs, they say they are comfy but they are just ew gross.

I also still dont understand the belt with everything...i thought belts were for your pants not over your tanktop,blouse, tshirt, dress ect. I dont get it...

Oh and what the hay is with those GIANT purses/bags...what is in there that you have to carry all the time...seriously...are you mary poppins lol Now if you have kids then i would understand why ppl carry it but if i dont see no kids and you holding a huge monster bag I start to wonder lol.

well ya thats it besides i see kids carrying cell sis in law wanted to give her 6 year old a cell phone o.o...glad my brother talked her out of it...they are not responsible at that age to carry and use cell phones...that is a sure way to start a bad habit.

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My turrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnn!!!!

As for the low-jeans...i HAVE to wear my jeans ribcage is huge...seriously...and so are my hips!! Argh! I am cursed...although they are huge...I don't look fat, I look thin and a lot of people ask me how i stay so's natural...i am cursed with a high metabolism. So, I have to wear low jeans...they don't go down on me like other girls, because i'm shaped different.

I do not like....girls who walk around in their pjs all day...they did that in high school..i was like come on, put some real clothes on once and awhile

I didn't like crocs, until I started wearing them for work, because we weren't allowed to wear flip flops (it was camp) and so I didn't want to wear hot sweaty socks and tennis shoes all summer, so I grabbed a pair of crocs, they are somewhat comfortable AND THEY FLOAT IN WATER! But...after camp, I put them away, hoping i won't need them EVER AGAIN!

I don't like "hoocie wear" at all, on little girls or older adults...there is no reason for someone to be walking around wearing a mid drift shirt...seriously...if you are an adult, you should be setting a good example for children.

I don't like uggs either...they are rediculous looking!

Track suits are fine if you actually work out, but don't wear them with a purse thinking it looks cute, because it doesn't!

I agree about the pre-ripped jeans...they are so expensive...why spend so much money on them...find a sanding belt and rip your own jeans

As for the cell phones...don't give your kid a cell phone...they are not responsible enough and will lose it for sure! It's a bad habit for them to start anyway, they need to live life without electronics once and awhile!

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the belts around your waist and under your tatas is to excentuate your figure, but I do hate seeing girls with a bit of a belly wearing them around their waists, it draw attention to your stomach that way and again we come in all shapes and sizes but you know what i mean! I love ballet bumps, they are smart and pretty without a 3 inch heal. I never got crocs, I think they look a bit stupid and they are made out of like polystyrene! you have to have all those holes in because you're feet can't breathe with the material!

I remember a tv programme about how clothes for young girls are 'sexed up'...kecks that say 'sexy' and bras for 9 year olds that had some padding! But the girls in primary school were like that, and I only started wearing a crop top type bra because they were all mean to me! I used to only wear it on P.E day until I was about 13 and I only started wearing a C cup last year!

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Yeah...I was a camp counselor and trust me I have seen a lot of the things young girls do and how MEAN they are...little girls can be VERY MEAN!! Especially if a 10 year old isn't wearing the right outfit according to them. Sad Crocs are actually made to be a gardners shoe..they are made for gardening, because they can get wet and dry fast.

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yeah i didnt mean naturally skinny people. thats fine. anorexia and bulimia isnt cool

i love combat boots, but i dont like uggs.

and for the highwaisted/lowwaisted. i just dont like EXTREMES on either side

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Lowriding pants- I'm sure most of the kids wouldn't dare do that if they knew where it came from.

Big hoop earrings- Tacky

The "prostitot" look- You know, the 10 years olds dressed like they're in their 20's? Not right I tell you!

Wearing more make-up than a clown- Tacky

Aaaand my biggest dislike, no, HATE

Real fur- I can understand if it's a cultural thing (i.e. some traditional native American dress or a coat that's been passed down for generations), but wearing dead animals just to show off how rich you are isn't right. Makes you look like a pretty big asshat in my eyes. Hence why I don't have very much respect for many female stars.

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yeah I agree on the fur, I do own a fur Jacket, but I was raised with the notion you use every part of the animal

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What's it from? I'm okay with hunting as use of population control, and I agree, if you kill something, you have to use as much as you can!

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Okay, MY TURN Happy


I COMPLETELY agree with the fur. Not only is it disgusting [vegetarian Happy], but I think its just tacky. Like those nasly women like Fran Dresher [from "The Nanny"], its so tacky and ugly and huge. Ugh... Even the fake crap, I just think its tacky as hell. YUCKY!


Recently I've seen those girls with the stripper heels, where the bands that you around your feet, the straps and everything, its CLEAR PLASTIC! SERIOUSLY! HOW WHORE COULD YOU GET! It doesn't look good... reak

Mullets make me puke. Does anyone really think that looks good? are you insane! Just... ugh... AND THE MULLETS THAT ARE PERMED... COME ON!!!

Coon Tails. Hate them. Crazy hair is awesome... but c'mon... its stupid... get over it.

I've got lots and yea. I'm done. I have so much more to add, but I'm fixing my roots. Happy [hate those as well]

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hahaha mullets

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