LONG funky stocking cap (for kids) knitting pattern

As kids, my siblings & I had these colorful stocking caps that were wild and long (knee-to-calf length!).
I'm a fairly advanced knitter, but haven't found anything more than basic striped stocking cap patterns. Most
are for adults, and none are nearly long enough.

I know I can just add rows between decreases. And I know I can add in some patterns here and there (snowflakes,
diamonds, whatnot). But I can't find any patterns that look like they'll fit kids' heads so I'll have an idea of
the number of stitches and needle sizes.

Anybody know where I can find a fun and LONG pattern? I'm not relishing the thought of designing one myself.
I'm so bad at math it will be a major task if I have to go that route.

Thanks in advance,


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i have one of them! they are amazing! i dont really know but maybe if you had a basic hat patten and just sewed a knitted tube onto it? maybe! i dont really know but it is just an idea! :S

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