Best Baby Wipes for your little ones: Read Reviews Before You Buy.

How to use baby wipes?
Baby wipes are a mother’s best friend and they help you out with almost everything and the convenience makes it easier to use them on the go. Using baby wipes makes it easier to clean up any mess that the baby can use to soil itself.
Using baby wipes is no rocket science and you only need to use them with care and wipe the baby gently and softly. Its okay to clean up the mess the first time you wipe, just make sure you do not use too much force. When cleaning up your female child, always clean from top to bottom to avoid poop from entering her urinary tract.
Can baby wipes clean everything?
Baby wipes can be used to clean a lot of things other than babies. There moist and soft nature makes them an excellent cleaning agent for they have just the right amount of wetness to clean off soft surfaces or surfaces that need extra care while cleaning. Baby wipes can be used to clean off the face and eye makeup, keyboards, footwear, hair dye, fresh stains, chalkboard, fingermarks, the surface of the fridge and even as a substitute for toilet paper. Baby wipes can clean almost everything that involves dust and grime on a daily basis from appliances, clothes, your skin and even your rug and hair.
5 ways to use baby wipes
Baby wipes can be used to clean almost everything. Of all the ways you can use baby wipes, these 5 stand out the most:
1. Cleaning keyboard: Keyboards house enough dirt and grease to make you allergic and keep you sneezing for days. Using baby wipes you can clean off the dirt and grime between the keys and you can also remove the keys for deep cleaning your keyboard.
2. On the beach: Beaches can be fun and extremely messy at the same time. Salty water, sand, sunscreen and body lotion can make you feel extremely uneasy. Baby wipes will help you get rid excess lotion, sand and salts.
3. Remove makeup: Removing makeup can get tricky especially with smudge-free makeup for your eyes and face. Baby wipes make it easier to clean up makeup without much fuss.
4. Clean leather: Your leather footwear, accessories and even sofa can be cleaned using baby wipes without worrying about the water damage
5. Stains: Baby wipes are incredible stain cleaners and can clean out stains effectively efficiently quickly provided they are used soon after you have stained the clothing is the question.
Top 5 brands for baby wipes
• Pampers: One of the leading brands for baby care products in India and the world, pampers baby wipes offer dermatologist approved gentle cleaning option which leaves behind a refreshing scent. The wipes can be used when changing diapers and also for wiping of other excess lotion, food and other mess. The wipes are soft on the skin but strong enough to not be ripped when being used. The pampers baby wipes can be used to clean up your baby’s face, hands, body and even clean up his toys and other accessories like the baby seat, etc.
• Johnson & Johnson: Johnson’s baby care products have long been known to set industry standards when it comes to baby care products. With their baby care products range covering everything a newborn baby needs, baby care in the world is much better thanks to the products of Johnson’s. The baby care wipes too are made to be suitable for newborn babies and are very soft on the skin. The wipes are clinically tested for allergy and mild and gentle enough to be used on a newborn baby’s skin.
• Huggies: Introduced in the world in 1978, the Huggies brand is a market leader in the diaper market and has constantly looked for ways to expand its business in India. With its entry into other baby care products such as baby wipes, the brand has made its intentions clear. The baby wipes give strong competition to its rivals and are dermatologically tested their market is steadily growing. The wipes are free from any irritating agents and chemicals and provide natural care to give your baby soft and moisturized skin. The wipes are soft and made of natural fibers which makes it highly absorbent.
• Goodnites: Goodnites is a brand under Huggies specifically targetted towards kids. Goodnites was launched by Huggies to gain even more market share in terms of kids care products and the Goodnites series does exactly that. The brand has been very successful overseas and is getting fast recognition now in India. The wipes under this brand also follow the same development and marketing tendencies as its parent company and offer baby wipes that are clinically proven to be safe to use for babies and kids. The goodnites baby wipes are designed to give your baby the best of cleaning devices that keep the skin soft and moisturized.
• Luvs: Luvs baby wipes is a P&G brand that has been launched to fight for a place in the market for P&G. The baby wipes have a soft texture and are durable enough to withstand pressure and can reliably clean every mess your baby makes. The brand is an established name in the US and P&G is looking for replicating the brand’s success in India. These wipes can be used to clean babies, their toys and surfaces that the babies regularly come in contact with to give them a clean and hygienic playing environment.
• Himalaya: Himalaya is a decades-old Indian brand trusted by Indians throughout the country. The brand has been synonymous with natural and herbal products that use natural ingredients and are free of chemical irritating agents. Himalaya has entered the market for baby care supplies with the intent of providing Indians with a natural and herbal alternative to big brands with baby wipes which are guaranteed to provide protection to your baby’s skin and keeps it moisturized. The baby wipes are soft on the skin and durable enough to allow you to thoroughly clean without hurting your baby’s skin.

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