I need a bit of crafting advice! :D

Hey everyone! im in a little bit of a bother! i've got a friend who im making a birthday present for, ive a made a nice hand emboidered tote bag but I need somethings to put in the bag. Im going to make a jar of basil pesto, but thats where the ideas end. I would make cookies or something but she doesnt eat that sort of stuff. shes from glasgow scotland, is a starwars fan, is primary school teacher, outdoorsy, into horse riding. i dont want to buy anything as such, make it from scratch. she gave me a Taonga (That is a treasured item in the Maori language. Greenstone and mine represents courage and strength.) so i want to do osmething nice and personal but dont want to have to spend too muh money. any sugestions?
thanks Happy

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