Last-minute Harry Poter crafts for movie-goers.

(ETA: How did I misspell "Potter" in the subject line? -__-)

The final Harry Potter movie comes out on the 15th and, obviously, opening day is going to be a monumental blowout.

I was hoping some people would like to share some Potter-themed crafts that can be done reasonably quickly for those of us enthused enough to be going to midnight showings and stuff.

Here's one I designed, a Felix Felicis necklace:

And here's a magnificent way to make a wand on the fly (I LOVE this one!):

An easy way to make a Golden Snitch:

Featured not long ago, here's a Time Turner:

A Marauder's Bag (this can't be made quickly, but you could embellish a bag this way):

Lightning Bolt necklace from CD (not Potter-specific but still appropriate):

Who else has some ideas?

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i made a deathly hallows tank top using freezer paper, but you could probably just draw one on easily with fabric paint.
i also painted my nails and drew a DH symbol on them as well.
i am SO ready.

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Oh, I love those! I'm definitely trying to figure out how to work the Peverell/Deathly Hallows symbol into something, but I'm not sure what, yet. Maybe I'll do my nails, too.

ETA: I ended up using some of the wire and jump rings from the Felix Felicis necklace to make a pair of Deathly Hallows earrings. I posted the project and a how-to.

Doesn't anybody else have some suggestions?

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