HAMA / PERLER... help please?

Hello lovely crafty peeps!

I am really new to using fuse beads and I am having a bit of a melting crisis... I seem to create my little masterpieces with HAMA beads on the peg board, then it seems to go pear shaped when it melts unevenly - I hate it when the hole disappears when they melt.
Could anyone please give me some tips?

Many thanks,

PS - thought I would share something I found out as well - IKEA sell fusable beads in an ENORMOUS tub (I am sure there are at least 8000 mixed colour beads in the tub) for £3.99!!

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I had the same problem when I first started. I found that if i don't press on the iron and keep going in a circular and even motion over the entire piece, then they won't over melt. And make sure you're not ironing it too long, I usually iron for about 15 to 20 seconds, but if there are some beads that didn't fuse well, I go over them again just a little. I don't remember the manufacturer instructions though.

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