Free Dress Patterns?

So I'm in need of two (free) dress patterns. I've searched all over the internet but I can't find them!
I want to make some dresses since it's getting warmer out! So these are the dresses I want...
The first one I want to have a high boatneck, and I want it to have no sleeves, but thick straps like these...
But no collar. The second one is basically the perfect example of what I want to make, but I need a pattern! It would be amazing if it were free (Since I have no money) and also easy-ish. I'm not a beginner sewer, but I'm not amazing at it.
The second dress has a lower boatneck, with thick straps (no sleeves, short skirt, and a gathered waist for a belt. The first picture is the perfect example...
And this second dress, I want the neckline to be lower! Happy Not extremely low but like the first picture.

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That are some really nice dresses. I don't have any patterns for you but take a look here:
Maybe the right pattern is among them.

For the second dress, If you make it with stretchy fabric, like in the 3rd picture, I don't think you'll need a pattern. Just use a well fitting top for the bodice (I know that's not the right word, well, my English vocabulary is not big enough). For the skirt, measure your waist and decide how long you want the skirt and make some kind of trapezium. Or a circle skirt, that would be easier, but it will have an other effect, I think. You probably have to put a zipper in the dress, but if you're not a beginner I think you'd be able to figure that out.

I'd love to see what you made, if you finished them!

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I came upon some really stylish and gorgeous dresses in plus sizes at <a href=""></a> and you can also check for a wide variety of clothes here.

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