Hannahble. Seventeen. Georgia. Vegetarian. Indie. Retro. Hip. Bisexual. Sweaters. Tights. Film. Music. Fashion. Performing arts. Cooking. Interior design. Architecture. Candles. Incense. Metallic colors. Cats. Espresso. Tea. Pastries. Sloths. Culture. Indian food. Big cities. Cologne. Jewelry. Shoes. Hair. Painting. Sewing. Drawing. The supernatural. Artists. Magic. Beauty. Quirks. Classic literature. Intelligent conversation. Dusk. Puns. Metaphors. Music videos. Hipsters. Adventure Time. Cartoons. Campfires. Autumn. Fruit. Really long hugs. After-the-rain smell. MCR.

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Jocelyn · Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US · 17 projects

thanks for adding my suitcase end table to your favorites!

Hannahble · Thomaston, Georgia, US · 4 projects

Thanks so much! I am considering an eeveelution costume and they all have crazy tails. Happy

Tamiachu · London, Ontario, CA · 3 projects

On the Pikachu tail:
The tail is solid foamcore board that has been covered in fabric. It's pretty rigid. I attached a slotted base to the bottom of the tail, perpendicular to the tail...just a small circle that went on the inside of the shorts, so it rested against my tailbone.
there was a small gap in the shorts seam specifically sized to put the base of the tail through.
Since it was foamcore, it was incredibly lightweight Happy
As you can see, I kept it upright by attaching clear gimp to the tail and tying it to the bodice.