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    Geek/nerd swap 2013

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    lets face it we are all a bit of a geek/nerd. lets let it all out and share this with others.

    This is a vet only swap.

    post your


    - location,

    - ship internationally?

    -and a few of the things that make you the geek/nerd you are

    (try to pick your top 3-5)

    i will assign partners based on similar interests on march 15th.

    You will need to send 3 things. At least 2 of them need to be homemade and one of the three need to be themed off of your similar interest, so comunicate with your partner and choose one.

    hope to see lots of swaps and lots of fun, and may the force be with you Tongue

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    Jason( gnotjustgnomes)

    Colorado USA

    Ship internationally: yes

    Dr. Who, Zelda, anything fantasy (dragons, fairies,trolls,Elvin folk....) ALMOST EVERYTHING ON SYFY ( except fights that's not sifi)

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    Thank You Again! =^_^=

    -name, Lisa O.

    - location, Michigan, USA

    - ship internationally? Yes

    -and a few of the things that make you the geek/nerd you are:

    I LOVE YODA. I enjoy chemical themed things – for example the chemical makeup of chocolate, caffeine, etc. DNA. Medieval Archaeology/Medieval Things. Lord of the Rings. The Mouth of Sauron. Sheldon Cooper and Soft Kitty. Star Wars. Sherlock Holmes. Professor Layton. YODA. Schrodinger’s Cat. Electronic Parts. Gears. Rocks/Gems/Minerals. 8-bit Things. YODA. Lol

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    Monika G

    South Dakota, USA

    No international shipping

    I like Warehouse 13, history books, the DOOM and DOOM II games, Quake/Quake 2/Quake 3 Arena, the Soul Calibur and Tekken games, Stargate SG-1, Battlestar Galactica, chemistry and history jokes (and Schroedinger's cat jokes which have a genre all their own), and I like biology, geology and earth science. Also, I currently play Guild Wars 2. Happy

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    Hayley, London UK- International shipping OK.

    Geeky interests include:

    *Cartoons (Adventure Time, Flapjack, Dangermouse, Daria, Hey Arnold, Invader Zim, to name a few)

    *TV: Star Trek Next Generation and Buffy are my nerdy favourites <3

    *Video Games: Sims 2, Pokemon, super Nintendo (Zelda, Mario etc)

    *Books: Skullduggery Pleasant, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Divergent series, I also have a love of trashy steampunk and victorian novels

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    -name: Rawr.rawr.x (Joss)

    - location: South Africa

    - ship internationally? Yes!

    -and a few of the things that make you the geek/nerd you are: POKEMON!!!, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Legend of Zelda, Super Mario bros, anything to do with fantasy (especially elves, dragons and magic).

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    -name: Vicky

    - location: Colchester, UK

    - ship internationally?: Yes

    -and a few of the things that make you the geek/nerd you are: Games, especially Zelda and Pokemon. Adventure Time and Vocaloid (especially Len). I own a ball jointed doll (who I always like things for Happy), I also cosplay and wear lolita.

    Do we know an approx mail out date for this swap yet?

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    I am assigning partners on march 15th. besides that id like you to communicate with your partner. id say lets try to send out before April 5th, but my guess if you communicate it will be before that

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    -name: Kat

    - location: UK

    - ship internationally? Yes

    -and a few of the things that make you the geek/nerd you are: I love surfing the web and playing computer games (esp Nethack), Lolcats, Sherlock Holmes (esp old 80s series with Jeremy Brett and books), I collect all things bat related, studied AI at uni, star spotting/meteor spotting, X files, Tim Burton the fav author Sean Stewart (futuristic/cyberpunk/sci-fi), fairies

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    **5** more days. Super exited to see some of the people that I could stick together. we currently have an odd number so let people know.

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    4 more days. if any of you know a reliable newby or a vet that you think needs to be here please message them and invite them. if not we will have an odd number which makes things hard.

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    Oh hi, are you still short by one person? I'd love to be involved!


    -Chicago, IL

    -Yes, will ship internationally

    -Top favorites: Star Trek (TOS & TNG), anything Joss Whedon, D&D, Dr Who, graphic novels, I'm a huge cheesy horror movie nerd

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    Can't wait to see partners Happy

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    Im reading all your interests now. I'll post in a bit

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    Cool Happy

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    Wow. I had fun picking these. Please c communicate with your partner and post what geek interest you chose. They don't have to be the same...

    But it would be cooler

    Lisa O. : kat

    Monica : Sara

    Hayley: Vicky


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    cool - looking forward to this one Happy

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    Should be fun Happy I have some ideas already, can't wait to get making!

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    super exited for all of you. please post teasers and stay in contact with your partners. please try to have everything sent out by April 10th. if your going to be late please let your partner know

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    I'm already well under way with my first item and having fun planning the rest Happy

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    I messaged my partner early yesterday and still haven't gotten a message back from her so I don't want to start crafting until I know she's going to actually participate =/

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    Has she done swaps before - it looks like she's new as she's only made one forum post and that was the one signing up.

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    if you dont hear anything let me know and we can work something out, sorry about that.

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    I don't think so, Kat.

    I'm okay if you want to drop both of us out of the swap. It's been almost a week and still nothing.

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    I just messaged Monika about this, and wanted to see if it was okay with you guys. I am sending a package her way for the crafty colors swap anyway. So I was wondering if I could swap with her too so she has a partner. She is domestic shipping and we have things on our list in common. This is if she would like to and in the event that she doesn't hear from her original partner. Happy

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    Sounds fine by me, Lisa Happy Just got back to you! You're an angel! Happy

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    sorry about that girls. please do swap if you haven't heard from your partners. hope to see lots of teasers and results . let me know if there are any more BIG problems

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    Are you still okay swapping with me too? I hope so.

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    @ArtyKitKat, if you are asking me, Of Course! Happy I am almost done with your stuff too!