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    Crafty Colors Swap

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    This swap is open to vets and newbies, but newbies will be expected to ship out first as per the Newbie vs. Vet swap rules.

    Welcome to the Crafty Colors swap!
    The object of the swap is to send a color-themed package to your partner based on his/her favorite colors.

    You will be required to send:
    2 pieces of handmade jewelry or hair accessories OR 1 medium sized item
    1 small set of decorated stationery (3 to 5 postcards or 2 to 4 cards and envelopes)
    2-3 small miscellaneous items (can be fridge magnets, shoe laces, pens/marker or more jewelry... anything goes but just check your partner's preferences). For this part, you could also send stash items like beads or fabrics. These items do not have to be handmade.

    Sign up by March 15th, partners announced on March 16th. Send out between March 30th and April 3rd.

    Please sign up with the following information:
    Newbie/Vet Status:
    Swap with Newbie:
    International shipping:
    Favorite colors:
    Item preferences:

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    Name: Monika G
    Newbie/Vet Status: Vet
    Swap with Newbie: Sure
    Location: South Dakota, USA
    International shipping: No
    Favorite colors: Purple, green, black
    Item preferences: I like hair accessories and gothic jewelry. For miscellaneous items, I like beads and nifty yarns, and other useful little things. I'm not too picky and just like to see people being creative!

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    Name: Green Duck
    Newbie/Vet Status: Vet
    Swap with Newbie: Yes
    Location: UK
    International shipping: Prefer EU only
    Favorite colors: Green, Purple, Glow in the Dark (is that considered a colour?) The Combination of Red, Orange, Yellow & Black
    Item preferences: No preferences.

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    Name: Jenny
    Newbie/Vet Status: Newbie (currently swapping with Green Duck in the newbie vs vet swap)
    Swap with Newbie: Sure!
    Location: Uk
    International shipping: would prefer EU
    Favorite colors: White, Blue/Greens (especially mint), Red (especially coral)
    Item preferences: I'm a big fan of brooches and hair bows, I'm currently obsessing over chevron patterns on EVERYTHING, and I'd like to get into making my own clothes, so patterns or fabrics would be fab x

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    Name: Sanne
    Newbie/Vet Status: Newbie (currently in newbie vs vet swap)
    Swap with Newbie: of course!
    Location: Belgium
    International shipping: Preferably EU only
    Favorite colors: every shade of purple, light blue, romantic pink, silver, pastel colors
    Item preferences: I'm not that much of an accesory person, so I'd prefer a necklace (or hanger) or earrings (but only the 'stud' kind, not the hanging ones) . And I loooove fabric for the moment, especially if there are polka dots or cute patterns on it.

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    Name: Kat
    Newbie/Vet Status: Vet
    Swap with Newbie: Yes
    Location: UK
    International shipping: Yes
    Favorite colors: Black, Purple, Shocking Pink & any shade of green
    Item preferences: I wear a lot of jewellery, collect bats, I'm a bit of a goth and I love Placebo - more info on what I like etc on my profile

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    Name: rosa
    Newbie/Vet Status: newbie
    Swap with Newbie: sure
    Location: Reading PA
    International shipping:no please
    Favorite colors: purple, blue, bright neon colors
    Item preferences:none

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    If we have 10 people for this by the 15th, I'll change the signup deadline and mail out dates. :) Can't wait to announce partners.

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    Name: Libby w.
    Newbie/Vet Status: Vet
    Swap with Newbie: Yup
    Location: Cardiff, UK
    International shipping: Yup
    Favorite colors: Blue, turquoise, purple, Burgandy, green, red & Floral prints
    Item preferences: I always welcome stash. I also like purses, pincushions and needlebooks.

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    Do you all think I should add one medium item (like totes and clutches) as an option for those who might not want jewelry or hair accessories?

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    I think as an option on medium size piece.It cost Ten dollars to send an accordian book to the UK this weekend for my sis b'day.Weigh was less than 4 oz.
    Name: EssexDebs
    Newbie/Vet Status: Vet
    Swap with Newbie: Yep
    Location: Washington
    International shipping: Prefer not
    Favorite colors: Green and Gold
    Item preferences:Not a huge one for jewelry but I can always add flowers and leaves to altered books and jewelry quilts

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    Maybe join the 2 small jewellery items and 2 - 3 small misc items together so its 4/5 small misc items including jewellery (depending on swap partners tastes). I personally would count a bag as a large item as they can be a lot of work but I suppose it depends on the crafters' skills. I don't have a working sewing machine so I hand sew.
    Anyway, just my thoughts. I hope they makes sense :)

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    Name: Tamara J
    Newbie/Vet Status: Vet
    Swap with Newbie: Yes
    Location: UK
    International shipping: Sure
    Favorite colors: Any shades of blue, purple, any pastel colours
    Item preferences: anything - would prefer jewellery to hair accessories

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    Alrighty. Got some updates posted. I'll be closing the signups on the 15th now since we've got so many people signed up already. The send out date is now the end of March/beginning of April.
    If anyone would prefer a later sendout date, let me know :)

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    Lisa O.
    Newbie/Vet Status: New-Vet-ish? I'm 1/2 done with newbie/vet swap (I sent out, hope it gets there soon! =^_^=) I have also completed a few personal swaps and participate in happy grams.
    Swap with Newbie: sure
    Location: Michigan USA
    International shipping: preferably not, but I will :)
    Favorite colors: Pea/baby poo green (picture not working. I'll email it to my partner to clarify what exactly is pea/baby poo green lol), eggplant/wine purple, burnt orange, mustard yellow. Basically if you walked into a USA Antique store and found the antique green, purple, orange, yellow. I also love natural/ neutrals of stones/fossils/crystals. And black of course.
    Item preferences: no particular preference, I love jewelry :)

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    With sendout date do you mean the date we should send the package? Because I'm going on a holiday the first week of April (we have Easter break then) so I can't send then (well, in theory I could, but then I'd have to bring all my stuff with me and figure out how the postal service of the Netherlands works with packages...). Is it okay if I send my things the second week?

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    Yep, the second week is fine. Just make sure your partner can wait when pairings are announced :) I'm sure it won't be an issue though.

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    I've just looked at the send out dates for this and I may struggle as I'm away 3 weekends in a row (weekend is when I get most of my crafting done), but I'll keep my partner posted.

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    Name: GnotJustGnomes (jason)
    Newbie/Vet Status: Vet
    Swap with Newbie: Always love to
    Location: Colorado USA
    International shipping: YES
    Favorite colors: Anything but yellow and orange if I had to pick id say cool colors and blacks and Grays
    Item preferences:nothing in particular (if you send girly stuff it will go to my sister or BestFriends )

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    Thanks for joining :D These matchups are going to be fun!

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    If we can get one more US person, that would be great. If not, there will probably be a round-robin group.
    I will announce partners tomorrow.

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    Name: Cupcake_Warrior (Ally)
    Newbie/Vet status: Newbie (this will be my third swap counting a happygram)
    Swap with newbie: sure
    Location: NJ, USA
    International Shipping: No :(
    Favorite colors: *Pink* Light orange, lime green, neon colors,black, and brown.
    Item Preferences: Ummm, none really!

    Sorry for the super last-minute sign-up! :P

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    Thanks for signing up, Ally! I'm glad we could have you in this swap pool :) I'll be announcing partners soon!

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    EssexDebs & Cupcake_Warrior
    GnotJustGnomes & Rosa
    Risa.Hanae & Monika G
    Sanne & Libby
    Green Ducks & Kat
    Tamara & Jenny

    Be sure to stay in contact with your partners and keep them (and the rest of us) updated :)

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    Sorry to be a party pooper but could I be partnered up with someone else? Jenny and I are currently doing the Newbie/Vet swap and are following this theme. sorry. I should have said something earlier. :(

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    I don't mind swapping, if Tamaras okay with that. We're all in the UK and I've not started on anything so its no problem for me. I've even got some glow in the dark craft materials I could play around with if I was paired with Green Duck but I'm happy with whatever Monika decides so will leave it with her.

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    Sounds good, I'll fix the swaps then :)

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    Thanks Monika and Arty Kitkat! :)

    ohhh I can't wait. I already have some ideas!

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    Not a problem at all :) Got all of my crafting supplies for both swaps I'm doing so I'm now well under way.

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    I've started on a couple items for Lisa! I have the set of cards done. I'm enjoying crafting for this swap. :D