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    Peace Swap??PARTNERS POSTED!!!!!!!

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    I know a lot of people are into Peace signs so I thought about having a peace sign swap!!

    Anyone in??

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    can you explain a little bit more? Happy i love peace signs ☮

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    I'd love to take part if I can Happy I am a swap newbie tho, also I live in Australia but am happy to post to anywhere Happy

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    Sounds like fun,but when`s the send out date?

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    i'd love to if the date is toward the end of the month...let us know!

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    yup, sounds fun and I need to stay busy !!!! Count me in and let me know!!

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    Well the send out date would be June 25 -If that a good date for others! (The swap is like a peace sign theme so like a peace sign necklace,etc.)

    So if your in....

    CO+K Name-


    P.S. I'll Try to partner up by Country or Continent!

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    Im in!

    CO+K Name- Violetta


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    twist my arm...OK I'M IN

    CO+K NAME: Melissa K.


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    Im in :] I havent done a swap since my newbie swap!

    CO+K Name-Cristina.T

    Country- USA

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    CO+K Name- michelle G


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    Sounds interesting. So everybody just makes something, and sends it out? Does it have to be good? :$

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    CO+K Name- Krafty Kokatie

    Country- USA

    : )

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    CO+K name Nora C

    Country - Scotland

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    If I can get all my swaps finished before sign up ends then I would love to do this one, but if I don't post that I'm in later then don't add me to the partners list.

    And yeah Sarah D., pretty much has to be something you would like to receive.