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    Peace Swap??PARTNERS POSTED!!!!!!!

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    I know a lot of people are into Peace signs so I thought about having a peace sign swap!!

    Anyone in??
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    can you explain a little bit more? :) i love peace signs ☮
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    I'd love to take part if I can :) I am a swap newbie tho, also I live in Australia but am happy to post to anywhere :)
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    Sounds like fun,but when`s the send out date?
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    i'd love to if the date is toward the end of the month...let us know!
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    yup, sounds fun and I need to stay busy !!!! Count me in and let me know!!
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    Well the send out date would be June 25 -If that a good date for others! (The swap is like a peace sign theme so like a peace sign necklace,etc.)
    So if your in....

    CO+K Name-

    P.S. I'll Try to partner up by Country or Continent!
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    Im in!

    CO+K Name- Violetta

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    twist my arm...OK I'M IN
    CO+K NAME: Melissa K.
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    Im in :] I havent done a swap since my newbie swap!

    CO+K Name-Cristina.T
    Country- USA
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    CO+K Name- michelle G
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    Sounds interesting. So everybody just makes something, and sends it out? Does it have to be good? :$
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    CO+K Name- Krafty Kokatie
    Country- USA

    : )
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    CO+K name Nora C
    Country - Scotland
  15. Posted · Edited
    If I can get all my swaps finished before sign up ends then I would love to do this one, but if I don't post that I'm in later then don't add me to the partners list.

    And yeah Sarah D., pretty much has to be something you would like to receive.
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    IM SO IN!

    CO+K Name: Special
    Country: Canada!
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    CO+K Name: Zina
    Country: Australia
    (swap newbie)
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    Oh yes, I have forgotton to mention that this will be my first swap... ever! :O :D
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    yay this will be so much fun!
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    Ok...I think I can do this! I love tye-dye too, so if you get me...keep that in mind. *wink wink*

    CO+K Name: Dessah H.
    Country: USA
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    CO+K Name- LdotScott
    Country- Canada <3
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    I'm sorry I have to bow out of this one, my shop opens soon
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    What kind of stuff can we make? Does it have to be a secret or can we post a pic?
    I've already made something. (Well, I'll finish it up tonight) and I'm so excited to share! I don't want to give away a surprise if I'm not supposed to though.
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    Ok Guys! I'll wait on more day and then...... PARTNERS!!!
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    @ Dessah: Anything Peace related and ether one but most people keep it a secret!
  26. Posted · Edited

    DIYER4LIFE And Melisa K.
    Krafty Kokatie And Ldotscott
    Special And Nora C.
    Violetta and Zina
    Dessah H. and Cristina T.

    Ok The send out date (Again) is June 25! Rememeber to take pics of what you get! So message your partner to get Addys and etc.!
  27. Posted · Edited
    wOOO hOOOO :D

    How many items do we make?
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    As many as you want!
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    I'm so sorry, I cant ship to Canada.
    Im goint to have to back out.
    My apologies.
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    Hey DIYER4LIFE if you want we could do a 3 way with you, me and Dessah H. (As in you ship to me, i ship to Dessah, and Dessah ships to you) Let me know if you want to do it this way (not trying to take over. but informing) :) I know it's your first host