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    Father's Day gift ideas!

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    What are you giving for Father's Day? It's a lot early. But I want to start now so, any ideas?

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    That's almost a year away! I'm not even thinking of father's day 10 months before. Way to stinking early.

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    Huh? Isn't it on the 5th of September??? LOLOL what is going on?? Even I don't want to start making presents a year early.

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    It was also on the 16 th of June. But I guess that was the international date.

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    Father's day is in June. I've never heard of a father's day in September.

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    Clearly there was some confusion and Syeyon made an honest mistake. There's no need to go after someone because of that. Please just let it go and be kind to each other.

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    Agreed, Jill- immature behavior certainly does not work in your favor here.

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    Well, there is always birthdays, Christmas, and perhaps just a "hey Daddy, I love you gift".

    Here are some ideas for you. check them out https://www.craftfoxes.com/blog/unique-father-s-day-gifts-diy-edition

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    This was a misunderstanding. PinkWeeds was saying that Jill was being immature, not you. And on a positive note, it looks like Jill's account was deleted, so we don't have to worry about her for now.

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    Oh Tongue.

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    To clear this all up, in New Zealand, fathers day is in September... so maybe its just a southern/northern hemisphere thing Happy I for one am stumped for ideas!!!!

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    Cozies for mugs, a tie or slippers. You can also buy a bottle of his favorite wine/beer and design a nice label and replace it. Or you could turn a heavy stone in a paperweight. A cover for his journal. Gift cards for doing the dishes or cleaning his car. A stamp, maybe?

    I always find it hard to make gifts. They are so useless most of the time. The receiver could so easily forget about them. I hope I've given some good ideas though.