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    Homemade dust plug..... Good idea?

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    I made a dust plug for my phone out of masking tape ,wire and cardboard. I want to use it to personalize my new Kindle and make it to where the stylus clips on the plug.

    I tolled my mom about it and she doesn't like the idea. (just like everything I make she doesn't like) what do you think?

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    If any of those things are being inserted into the phone, it's probably a bad idea. The inside of the hole could get scratched/damaged.

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    I'm going to agree with Monika, I wouldn't put anything in a device that isn't intended for it :/ how about you buy a cheap charger or pair of ear buds and cut away the parts that aren't plugged in and just mess with the outside of the part you DO plug in but just don't put foreign objects in them Tongue

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    Sticking anything that's not meant to be put in the plug can damage your device. I would highly recommend following the tutorial that noche-estrellada posted a link to above, as it's a safe and easy way to make one that has no risk of hurting your phone.

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    There are also non-conductive plastic plugs available at some phone stores that are safe to use and probably fine to glue things onto.