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    Markers for shrink plastic?

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    Hi guys! I'm thinking about making jewlery in shrink plastic, but I'm not sure what markers to use. The website of one shop stated that when using clear plastic sheets you need to have permanent markers. The markers they had were quite pricey though, and since I need alot of colours I was wondering if one could use regular markers (like the ones you use for drawing) instead? And then afterwards use clear nail polish or something to make it stay on... Any ideas?

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    Nail polish will usually cause regular markers to smear and bleed. You can use Sharpies but you'll still need a clear coat for it. Get Diamond Glaze or something similar. Nail polish is only intended for nails and not meant to be permanent, so it will start to wear off and flake off pretty quickly.

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    Sharpies may be more expensive, but I think they're definitely worth it when it comes to the quality they have with shrink plastic. You can use regular markers, but they smear and come out faint and see-though, even after you shrink them. I don't know if you plan on selling your jewelry or not, but if you are I think sharpies are the way to go.

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    Thanks guys, better go looking for some sharpies then =)

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    Out of the markers I've tried, definitely Sharpies. Just make sure to let them dry before handling them or they can smear everywhere. Other markers I've used seem to never dry. I also really love using Prisma Pencils on shrink plastic. It fills in so solidly and had great color. Usually I line with a fine Sharpie and color with the Prisma pencils. I believe I've used Sakura Micron Pens.

    Best of luck!