I'm a girl from Brisbane Australia who loves being crafty (in more ways than one).

In my spare time I like to craft up a storm, whether that be sewing, jewellery making, painting or taking photos.

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Rachel L.
Rachel L. · Brisbane, Queensland, AU · 14 projects
i was jst wondering if you were interested in swaps of handmade craft and / or supplies? im in south brissy
Lundora · Kokkola, FI · 8 projects
I really like photographing, I wish we had more of that, soon! But first we're going to learn about voice and video production.
what kind of photos do you prefer? Happy
JessayahX · Frankfurt, Hesse, DE · 26 projects
Naahh... its okay Lizzie ;D I know you have always so much to do.. The last time was very rough for me too.. a few friends of me needed my help because of some personal Problems and very sad stuff.. Happy
i miss you guys too and writing to you all here..
But I realized in the few weeks I always talk about this board here ^^ haha So I am never that far away..
Hope to find some time to talk much more ..
Good luck with your new Photography course ..
Still miss you ^^
<3 Lua
JessayahX · Frankfurt, Hesse, DE · 26 projects
Hey Lizzie =D How are you? I have been really busy so I wasn`t around here very often..
I know you have a lot of work and so I just drop by to say hello ;D
Hope everything is okay with you ^^
AdvocatusDiaboli · Madrid, Community of Madrid, ES · 28 projects
hi! thanks for the add! your nick is the "chic-est"
JessayahX · Frankfurt, Hesse, DE · 26 projects
Hey Lizzie... Hope you have a wonderful christmas time...
I don´t think my letter made it to you on time Happy
But maybe a few days after christmas?!

Merry x-mas to you and your family.

<3 and many hugs
Born Toulouse
Born Toulouse · 14 projects
Heya, thanks for being a friend. You're living in Australia? Well, a good friend of my mother lives in Melbourne..we visited them once, Australia is pretty weird in some parts for us Europeans (I remember driving through a desert highway ,...miles for miles there was nothing to see...and in the middle of nowhere I spotted a McDonald's on one side of the road and a pizza hut on the other..not much customers there ;) ).

So long
JessayahX · Frankfurt, Hesse, DE · 26 projects
^^ hehe.. Thought maybe you took it out..
I had one too,but I´m not wearing it anymore...
I had a little cold and It was easier to clean my nose without it*g*
But now I can´t find the ring anymore Happy *sad*
JessayahX · Frankfurt, Hesse, DE · 26 projects
^^ hey Lizzy
Thank you for the nice comment*turnsred* ^^
I´m writing your email right now ;)
Here its 9 o`clock in the mornig and I was to tiered to write something in english yesterday night*g*
awwww..I Love your new picture..its so pretty..
But where is your nose ring?*g*
<3 Luana
DIS.AR.RAY · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 32 projects
Autrailia. Sounda MUCH less annoying than America Happy How is Brisbane?

Oh and I love your quote. Its in my book of quotes. Happy
Courtney Couture
Courtney Couture · Keller, Texas, US · 20 projects
brisbane seems like a pretty great place compared to keller, texas
Stila · Mezzano, Emilia-Romagna, IT · 5 projects
thank you for the request! aah you're from Australia..i'm gonna go to Perth for christmas!
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1432 projects
Thanks for the add xo
Lucía · Montevideo, Montevideo Dept, UY · 9 projects
Thanks for the fave on my projects! First comment for your profile hehe (: See you around...