i like alot of things. i grow extremely attached to the things i dig during the moment and then often never revert to them ever again. right now im into kitchen arts. i thoroughly enjoy baking and cooking a delicious meal. im into reading foodie blogs and searching for exciting, challenging recipes.
also, in this moment im into sewing clothing and am thinking of creating a business around just that.
finally, skateboarding and taking quality photos are just a couple endeavors i am about to embark upon.
my long term obsessions are horseback riding, drawing, automobiles, pin up, make up, coffee, writing, and beer.

i am a narcissist, hedonist, and perfectionist; however, i do not think these are horrible characteristics.

aside from all of these quasi-negative traits, i like cupcakes, my sewing machine, quilting, flowers, gardening, making a home, and walking around in a robe all day.

live fast, die pretty!

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