I am a wife to the most wonderful and supportive husband in the world. It's not easy dealing with my creativity and craziness, but he always pushes me to better myself.

I am also a mother of 2 beautiful children...that I am so thankful for. Even they are so crazy and mess up the things I create, but only making it better or making the bulb in my head ding to create something else from that creation.

I have a passion for jewelry making and creative designs. I am the owner/designer of Unbeadlievable Designs. I love all types of crafts really anything I can dream up or conjure in my mind...I can create. I love paper crafts, sewing, jewelry making, basically anything having to do with art in general.

Feel free to visit my website anytime at www.wix.com/unbeadlievable/home or "Like" my fanpage (by searching Unbeadlievable Designs) on Facebook.

If you have any questions ... please do not hesitate to message me Happy

Happy crafting!

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