Well it's about time I did my Bio so here goes...

I'm 31 years old and live in "sunny" Grantham... famous for 2 things: Margaret Thatcher and Sir Isaac Newton. However I wasn't born here as my Dad was in the RAF so I've lived all over the place and I was born in Eastbourne (which is on the south coast).

I live with my 9 (going on 19) year old girl called Kalandria and my cat called Biscuit. I've recently got back into my crafting because I can't sit still when I'm watching TV Happy

I predominantly sew by hand and have a callous to prove it... lol... I'm currently into appliqué but I also make little odds and ends with felt and enjoy patchworking and sewing clothes (these are done on a machine otherwise I'd be there forever because my hand stitches are very very small).

Favourite things:

Colours: Green (but not Asda green because I work there and it's just such a horrid shade of green), pink, blue, yellow, and red.
Patterns: Vintage florals, Sailor, Polka dot (but then who doesn't), Gingham, and anything cute/kitsch.
Flowers: Pink roses, Peonies, Gladioli,, Cherry Blossom and Tulips (to name but a few... I really like flowers)
Other things: Rainbows, Sunshine, Cats, Owls, Reading (mostly fantasy stuff but I have read other stuff and have a degree in English), Crafting (obviously), and Japan (I plan to go one day).

So there we have it... that's me in a nutshell... kinda :-S

Feel free to message me or add me as a friend Happy

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