Im not very good at writing these Bios so lets just say that Im a music loving, movie going, former chef who is fascinated with all things Food Halloween and Harry Potter.

What I make:
I enjoy making many different types of crafts but lately my imagination seems limited. I make some jewelry like friendship bracelets and a few necklaces, I dont wear jewelry very often but I do love bangle bracelets. =) I make a few music/band related fan items (wall plaques, drawings, tshirt designs). I do some movie related items (mostly Harry Potter, but a few others thrown in there) and Im a nut for candles so I make a bunch of different candle holders. I also like holiday related crafts, mainly Halloween and Christmas and since I am Pagan I make "magical" supplies (tarot bags/boxes, wands, oracle boards, scrying mirrors, altar plates, etc.)

Get to Know Me:

My top 5 lists are as follows... LOL (just cuz I think you can learn a lot about a person by knowing these answers)

Mudvayne, Atreyu, Ke$ha, Breaking Benjamin, Bullet for my Valentine
Salad, Baked Ziti, Steak Sub, Teriyaki Chicken, Ham with cranberry sauce
Black, White, Blood Red, Dark electric Blue, Forest Green
Harry Potter, Grandmas Boy, Boondock Saints, The Red Violin, Shrek
TV Shows:
Warehouse 13, Haven, Numb3rs, Psych, Burn Notice
Places to visit before I Die:
Ireland, Scottland, Romania, Greece, Italy

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Nomycookie^^ · 14 projects
Hey! thanks for the faving my death note projects Happy xoxo
Dale S.
Dale S. · Federal Way, Washington, US · 8 projects
Thanks so much for the rules and such Sweet C!! I did put my name on the forum for the swap, though I said I couldnt do international swaps at this point but I will most definitely be soon, so please keep me in mind. =) Im really excited! Im still kind of new to the site I guess. I come on every so often (more often as of late) and check out what everyone is doing. I dont usually remember to take photos of my projects as its mostly in the middle of the night that I find time to work. =)

Ill work on my profile and get it a bit more up to date. And hopefully Ill be ready to make a neat swap soon!

Thanks again, and HUGS!
Sweet C.
Sweet C. · Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region, CL · 5 projects
Hi Dale! Did you read the rules of swapping on the first page of the Newbie vs Vet Swap topic?

The rules of each swap are given by the host... usually you have to send the theme of the swap (example: in the plushie swap, the main thing is to send your partner a plushie you made) and something else the host decided to make it more fun... or you can talk with your partner and decide to add some extra stuff.

For the newbie vs vet swap you can send anything... the normal thing is to send like 5-6 things. You can send random stuff you love to make or even decide a theme with your vet. This is the first swap you have to complete to be able to participate in almost all the other swaps on this site. When you get paired with a Vet, both of you decide on a send-out date, and after your Vet receives your package, she will send you yours.

For this swaps is very useful you post in your profile the things you like, that way you give your future partners an idea of what to make for you.

Hope that explanation is good enough Happy

now... if you need a Vet, I will happily accept to be yours. The only "limitation" is that you have to be willing to make an international swap, because I live in Chile... hehehe.