Hello everyone ^^
My name is Kasia and I'm 19 years old.

I love sewing and hand making many things, so I hope I found great place for this ^^

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It's been so long since I've seen you online!! I miss you ^_^ And yes it is Bella from the other account
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Hi there--thanks for favoriting my Houndstooth Stationery Set!

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aaaw thank you for telling me that, but it's feeling like wise, that we have found each other. i'm soooo glad to have you as my sis;-D
I try allways to find out the both sides of something before i choose a party.
Sometimes there isn't sides, just to listen to both sides and knowing that they both are in a strange way right.
Sound strange, what i mean is this, everybody has his own history memmories and how you remmember is dependable of how old you were, if you are a man or female or how you were feeling emotionaly.
My mum remmebers her my story not the same, when i was much younger it m ade me angry.LOL Now i know it's just all about this.
so sometimes there are for those others more different stories of just one.-S
and it's just easy to don't examinate those things and choice directly one side.
and family will most at the time choice their own ones.-S
hummm i don't think you made your history worse, i don't saying that, i think your history was much uglier then what you have told me.
sooo some people are just prejudice about not family and it only is telling what for kind people they really are.
Good of you that you don't want to go alone anymore with them. that isn't the easy way. sooo proud of you to make such an importend dicesion and difficult one!!!!
We all have our prejudiceness , but we can to look to both sides of the issues or stories to stay away of them and making our own dissicons and thoughts.
Woooow i'm glad that you will start next week on saturday.
Awesome that your dream is coming thourgh. well done.
for now just a little bit more patiencend.LOL
aaw that's a beautiful story of the dogs .
Before i met John he had to be hospitalized for a long time, he had ten birmees and with a lot of searching he found for the most of them a new good house.
But one a blue birmees Dunja , nobody would have her, sooo his mum took her.
Dunja was always in the group of cat the one that would sleep alone and eat alone, so John thought she don't will miss the other girls, but she did, she had hide her on the loft for a week, she eat only small bits and drunk the water but she didn't want to go down stairs.
Later on she did and became friends with his mum , she spoiled Dunja rotten.lOL
but when John came by she wanted to sit on his lap,
Animals rememberings alot and then can get crazy as well.
i have had an neurotic tomcat for years. he was for all the things sooooo scarred and he never wanted to sit on your lap , i have tried many things, for me he became a sort of living cushion that was around me.LOL
his brother was the opposite , i think the problem was that Gijs had a sight problem and two tomcats in one small house wasn't a great idea.
females can , so i'l try allways to find a new female cat.
Muis drink now of the water well , i was proud of her.
hey you did a great job with Misia, that must be hart for you all to learn those things to him and to adjust to the flat.
poor dog.
I have made my tenstomany i have written whom must search for my cats for a new replacement.
My sis wants them, but that's not the right place for them, my sis is always too busy and they needs lots of attention, more then normal cats.
so i have asked my first breeder to do this.
She loved the idea, she had done the same. and was glad that i did it for the cats. Muis is still one of her, wolfje a little , Wolfje her grandmother came from her.LOL
so it' feels still that they are both of Joke.
they are sleeping now, humm i see it 's here allready 19.00 hour so it will by you much later.
good eve my sweet sis and thanks for your jumping kisses i caught them all with my arms , they were yummy.LOL
for you more wet ones so you don't have to wash yourself. and..... beautiful dreams tonight.
all my love and cake and care , and.... fun.LOL
your e sis;-D
Jet H.
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hi sweet sis of me;D
yeaah we both had some troubles and had to fight hard , but we have given it a good place.
yeaah with my mum it's a difficult relationship, but i'm glad that i can talk with her without feeling bad.
The hardest thing of my mum was that she all denied what has happened with me and my sis and all her men and with my brother.
but i have spoken with her many times about this , so it's okay for me.
i don't feel bad when i talk to her , only must be careful with i want to share with her, she wasn't a real mum but it's a sort of aquentence with i share a family band;-D
when i don't asked of her to be a mum it's going great but when she try it's started to get wrong.LOL
so i have set for myself some rules and then it works.
Sad that you were soo little when it all happenend and that you didn't understood it too well.
great that you good stay with your grandmother, i think without tellling or saying that you love her deeply , she know it.
sometimes that is enough.
and good that you have had some safe place to grow up, that's soooo importend.
about the family of your dad, just think that they are just stupid cows.LOL
i didn't want to connect with my real dad his family later on as well, we all are too badly hurt to go on.
It was the same with johns family they blame me of some accidents which has happend before he died. but people needs always to blame others, and not themselfs, sad but this happens most of the time.
so when i knew for sure that john would die i have broke with his family because i knew it would be much uglier after his death.
i never have heard of them anymore.
but not all people are nice and kind.
okay, i understood this, but sweetie we all must mourn a while to going on.
it seems easy to don't take some grieving time, i have denied johns death as well for some time, and after a year i felt stucked because i didn't and couldn't mourn.
so that's why i took creative therapy.
i don't say that you must in therapy but only take some time to mourn about the house , and your sweet strong grandmother you and she deserved that.
and you don't have to do that the whole time, take an half hour in the wekend and think of all the good memmories that will be enough and do that every time when you feel blue about this subject then you can give it a good place without too much sorrow and depressions.
i have learned this of Gerard and Karin.
i have given john a place in my heart and it's feeling good now.
i can speak of him now freely without too much emotions, it don't hurt sooo badly anymore .
and about jeroen it's the same. I missing them the both but i don't have to cry about it, only sometime i'm feeling sad and sorry for my self.LOL
then i know it's just all about feeling lonely, so i know what to do.LOL
i know and understand this i had the same with Johns house i was happy when i saw the first 6 months the new owner didn't changed the colours.LOL
i know she had made changes but in my memmories it's still johns house.
Don't worry about it , it will be the same in your head.-D
like that you have made your own version of your religion as well. i think we all were much happier when we did the same.LOL
yeaah i think we are sharing alot things and are more similar then we thought in the beginning.
wooow that's lovely your room ,
i have bought yesterday for the girls a water well to drink water out, but muis is to scarred of the moving when he is turned on, when he is off she drink out it.
Only wolfje loves the moving of the water, so i switch the thing off and on.LOL
sooo handy smart thing-S LOL
i have bought some material to glue under neath my wooden carpet. so i have migraine , and later when i took a pill and did my shopping it became worse but i 'm glad that i did it all.
now i can stay the whole weekend in pj's.LOL
and work at the curtains , in between i have crochet some small mushrooms Wolfje loved them too much in pieces soo she have stolen some of them allready.LOL
little thief.LOL
she will bring it too me to play with me , sweet cat huh?!!!!
hey sweetie you don't have to do t he things i 'm telling you, it's just an advice that worked for me.
hey have a great good nice fun crafty ladylike weekend.
many greetings of Utrecht and holland and of me all my love and lots of kisses and many more hugs, take care and take some yummie cake;XD
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Yeaaah it's sad to have bad family members but... like you're writing to me, we can make our own. Like you have me as your sis.LOL
i only have a connection now with my sis, and a bad one with my mum.
but ... we made some rules to coop with each other so i can beare her.LOL
she is for others great.
i have had many years no connection with her, but after ten year i wanted to speak and sort things out with her, and it's working. not great but, it's what it is.LOL
Yeaah i thought always i wanted to have an other sure name too but, it's not the name that will make me like me, but i have not a real fitting feeling with this one.
so jet is importend for me.
and yeaaah we have learend i think alot of wisedom because of all the bad things.
i'm a great surviver.LOL not always great-S but it helps me to go on and to try new things and find new ways.
and i have found some friends and have made my own history.
by suprise my real dads family found me in this city, my sis and mum they where found much sooner, they asked me how me dad was calling i told them i don't know that, he left me too early and i don't think i want to learn you all anymore.
Only but my mum could tell me that about the gens , i had some question about that.
i had a long time problems with the church myself as well. it's good for you to take some time it will find your way in that.
I never go to a church for a cermony but... i have made my own religion i think without rules ,LOL it's more Zen and it makes me happy and good so that's fine.
i had much problems with the some prayers , there were some lines i couldn't say out loud. it was about forgiveness. Some of our stories are tooo bad, mine they hurt me too badly and never sad sorry so i couldn't say i will forgive them.LOL
Later on i have spoken with some church people that were like me very free thinking and open minded and they were agree with me.
that helped me to find my own way
and later on i met some humanistic people to talk ,and it was fine and helped me some further, i think i'm not at the end of my path i'm searching , it cost more time and mayby a whole live.LOL
oooh that's great news that you met the theathre teacher and that they are willing to help you for free, i'm sooo glad for you, thank them!!!!!
aaaw sad day for you to make the house empty, think now for how it was in you r memories and how good time you have had.
it will help to go on. do you have picts? just hang him in your room , and talk about it. it will be some grieving time for this.
it's a lost too.
yeaah you're right about my sis, but she never took therapy, soo she is still angry with my mum and the rest of that strange criminal family.
when they found my dad died in his house, he was died allready for months , so they have barried him the same day, i liked that.OL
some revense.LOL
he was horrible and criminal for me and others. soo i never felt sorry for him, okay this sounds harsh but he was much worser. so...
okay, my family were very angry and upset and full of revence but in a differend way then me, i was flabber gasthed and realized myself that i did a good job in all those years to go in therapy.
i never wanted his money , the other children did , i don't think they have seen any dime still but...
it was just a good thing to say no.
did i told you i have choossen for the green grass colour of the linoleum.LOL
i like that.
okay i must stop i must eat something and take my meds, i'm too jumpy.
hey have a good nice cozy comfy eve and ... i love you my sweet wise sis, don't forget that.
we can make our own history and family by using just our friendship and our creativity. Don't forget there are soo many good people that are really nice and good (not all of them but there still good ones-D)
Every time i read your letters and learing more from you i feel more connceted, so you're becoming still more and more a real sis for me.;-D
okay ... this will do ... much love , hugs and kisses and beautiful dreams.;-XD
or just how your grandmothers house was ...xD
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi dearest sis
Hey i found for your cat some tips for anti boring.LOL
I have added one too in the comment.
i 'm a follower, some advices are very clever, but.... some not.LOL
but that's always in live.LOL
hummm i'm at the moment on one third part of my hughe recyled glass curtain for the sliding window doors.
but i like it still beter how it becomes. all made of scraps of paper.
Yesterday i found out that it made very dark so i thought why not punching holes in all the circles. Oooooh my gosh i wanted i didn't thought of it.-S
tooo much work.LOL
and i didn't know how to use well the tool for that so some of t he connection are broken-S
but... last night eve i found out the how to sooo this is going better.
Hey i hope this is working better for you sweetie.
next week the seccond part of holland will go back too from school or it's the third part.
Holland is devided in three part that has other vacation periodes.
It's mayby smart for the traffic gems but not for families/.
Like my sis is always working in an other part then her children are on school so they have oftenly one week together.-S
not good.
it's now a mesh in my house, all paper scraps laying around the floor, i must do something about that., i found in my bed some too, it's stucked to the girls her fur.LOL
hey have a great fun lazy sunday sweet sis of mine;-D
love and hugs and tons of wet kisses so you don't have to take a shower.LOL
xxooxoxooxoxoxoooxoxoxooooxooxoxoxooxoxooxoxoxoox ect.LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
oooh i'm glad that it's gone.
yeaah i know how it will be for you, i'll try to use this time to tell my self stories.
it's a kind of making my self comfortable, and to relax my self.
Gerard has like us the same brains soo he knows i having problems on those days he learned me this.
and told me last time when i was out of breading just do some nasthy things during the morning and the afternoon and eve is just for you, do only nice good funny things that make your happy.
to tell me lay down the whole day wasn't for me at all. he know that so he came with this and told me take more breaks then ever, i allways forgot to take breaks.LOL
poor Gerard he had to go to an examination for his brains, they will sort out some diseases , he was scarred and the first time he forgot to go.LOL
it was to blame on me because i had asked him don't come i'm ill.
so he overslept his examination.LOL
so when we spoke at the phone and i 'll asked how it was done he told me so we had a lot of fun about this.LOL
he is still making jokes about it, so i have send him a mail to remind him of his test.LOL
LOL i had to laught of that you don't react on your too commen name.
You are making yourself too less importend.LOL
I have something with my family name because of my strange childhood , it was very strange and not good i have had many family names-S
so i decided to use my first hubby 's family name , but when i devorced i had to take my first family name back that was strange and not feeling well.
so when i met John i asked him about his family name shall we maring.LOL
but john told me noo, it's god now.
so i don't use my real name so less as possible.
i always ask people just use my first name it's more commen for me.
but some people don't like t hat-S
my sis will change her first name, she has got too like you one only.
but she still hasn't found a fitting one.LOL
sooo perhaps she will have this name for ever.LOL
because of my wheels people always calls me or use their bells and horns in their cars so i always reacts.LOL
When i was in my first year become a wheelie and noticed this that always people reconised me i felt sad, and when i telling others of this, nobody would believe me.
but when after some years i took some friends with me they were stunned about this populairity of mine. It looks if i'm a vip, i'm certainly not.LOL
it's not fine.
i can't do things that you don't must do anymore.LOL
there will be allways somebody that knows me watching me.LOL
so it's good to go to an other town.
Muis is ill again, she is pucking everwhere i have found out it's the chicken flavor.
so first it must be over , in the mean time i gave her food with out the chicken, only fish flavors-S
so i must clean all of that, last night i didn't like to go out to clean her mess,
when i waked i thought Jet watch out of her dirty mess. but she did it only in the living room, so i don't got messy wheels.
she showing still good her furr as well. but... i'm not glad with this.
i think she is allergic for that flavor.
poor puss.
i have written a tute of making a scratching shelf for your own cat.
i 'll post it today it think.
In utrecht the schools are started some weeks ago, i like it , i have missed those kiddo's on the streets.
they walks for there gym lessons always beside my building.
strange we had when i was a kiddo our own gym class, but on those new schools they don't have that anymore.
so alot of schools sharing one together.
enjoy your free time, but i know you like to go back to your work too.
just be patiencend you will return.
lOl it would be funny when you had make lipsticks kisses on my cheaks.
Gerard always teasing me when he found out that i 'm in love.
i'm not oftenly falling in love but the last time, i still like that boy, but i know he don't loves me anymore .LOL
the reason is that i can't get any children anymore. i don't like to have them of my own because of some reasons but... if ound it sooo strange of thsi booy that he showed it soo openly.LOL
but i like him still as well.
okay i must give t he girls some attention and take a break,
much fun this weekend do some craftings and ... much love and hugs till sooon
jet xoxooxoxooxoxoxo (without lipstick)LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello sis
hope your headage is gone, not fine those headages.
you want to go on, because of your jumping brains but you can't ugh.
poor you.
i had to laught of your cloth story. Don't forget you have spare time to weare them.LOL it's not all gone ;XD
i have had those periodes too myself, when i was a stundent we had to study of one study allowance and during the holidays i had to work on office jobs.
so i had my students cloths, mostly hippy cloths it was that time, and real office cloths too.
i didn't liked them, but i had to weare them during those jobs.
when i worked with elderly demented people later they were oftenly dripple on me or other dirty things, think like with animals it's the same.
so there i always weare my own cloths but not my best ones and when i was at home i throw them in the washing machine.LOL
so it felt it was just working cloths.
by us all the vet students that must learn the practice of take care of animals weare a special jack.
so they don't have the trouble i had, with all my laundry at home.LOL
but in your letter i reading the same.
think organisation is the best to do, i'm chaotic at the moment-S
i want to do too much.
today i had an interview with a community worker , she couldn't say when she will give me an anwser, it was for my mobility right now.-S
she wants first to know how Haarlem will or not taken the suplies i have over..
studpid but i understand it. it's taking all to long time.
ugh, all the stupid waiting-S
but allthough it's a normal daily problem i never will be adjust to it.LOL
i think it's my live lesson .LOL
so i'm stressed and.. crumpy and worn out today. but my biggest glass curtain is growing;XD
it's not 2,60 cm by 150 cm sooo i'm proud.LOL
it's all made of old used paper like agenda's , medican letters and telephone books and envelopes and notes of me .
so allthough it's white you see some colouring scraps peeping around.LOL
At first i used a punch but because i did too much paper inside to punched it , it's broken i have now bought a new one and so i must be careful and do some cutting by hand, but the most i use my punch.LOL
sometimes we must be smart.
it's beautiful weather and.. i want later on to go out to mail a letter for the health insurancy, but i found out i had to make a copy of my community which all is wrapped. so... first i must make some phonecalls.
and the felting stone i will make a tute so you can make one your self.
the colours aren't stony at all but my sis told me that some sea stones had those colours as well.LOL
but i like him how he looks now, it's a real Jet stone.LOL Jet is a gem i have heard of my friend Sheila and that one is black, not like me at all.
allthough everybody is tellling me that my name is just me it's fitting me completly.LOL
my sis want to change her name, she is called Karin but in those years she was born it was a very populair name , i know of my age too many Karins.LOL
so i always must tell karin of... or their familyname.LOL
Jet isn't soo populair, sometimes it's a shortage of other names but i'm really called Jet so i'm proud and thinks the others must use their real name .LOL
but... i don't must do this, not kindly to them.XD
okay i must make some copies of offical letters to send the letter away.
much better soons, when you're still having some headage and tons of love and hugs and kisses, , till soon
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hey sweetie
wish you well , a gentle hug and kisses to become much sooner better;-D
today i'm still ill but... gerard will bring me to the shop of my neck brace to let him fixed.
yesterday i had to phone m y gp , she is almost a friend, she is an artist too, so we love each other very much. The reason i had to visiting her, (she told me at the phone ) i had a lump on my arm.LOL
i had overworked my tendon in my arm-S
so he must take a break, it's not happening because i need my arm to move my wheels-S
but at nicht he will get some rest.LOL
i have those arm braces and so he can have his break.
i was glad that i had to call of the caring organisation of my new house today.
when i don't say anything it's going great.LOL
but when i must talk everybody is the wholetime asking what do you say?
repeat please.-ugh.LOL
time for recordering all my texts.LOL
i understand why your cat is bored, my ladies has less problems because they have each other. Allthough muis don't like wolfje at the moment.LOL
it's cat war in my house.LOL
Yesterday i have for the last time washed the felted computer stone for Gerard.
now he's drying.
i'm glad that i'm in time. i hope he likes it, it's sometimes hard to make presents for a man, for John it was always easy because i saw him everyday.
Yesterday i went to the mall when i was riding home back after my visiting and i saw a woman that always say hello loaf, she is a real old citizens of this town, so she is saying it with an dialect, and then they say wijffie. it's a strange word, i always must smile of it.
i don't like the woman really but she drove me stucked in the middle of the mall.
so i had to stop and .... yeaah the same boring complains like i always hear, so i told her stop with this , she told me i can't so i said i'm sorry but i must go now.
i like to talk with people but no more complains of other persones.
and not changing your self.
but i think she has a other problem i think she is lightly retarded and autistic.
She did the same like Wouter does , repeating the same lines again and again.LOL
and then i drove suddenly in my fave dutch shop just to watch the colours there, it's always making me cheerfull.
i have bought three new cheap glasses, all red.LOL and some wood play toys.
some of the workers are knowing me too well, and one saw my brace and was chocked i told her why i needed him and told so i'm not glad, she know i was telling the truht. and.. i told her that i will move, and suddenly oooh my gosh that' will be hard.LOL i told her nooo it''s a relieve to move.
hummm not interesting at all t his conversation, but i saw some muchrooms outside the other shop, it's calling xenos, it's a strange shop but cheap.LOL
all strange things they are selling and yeaaah they had a lot of muschrooms of plastic.LOL so i bought a lot of them, not smart in front of your moving but....
and then i forgot to take my meds again for the adhd so i couldn't sleep till 3 'o clock so today it's not a good day.
but i like the idea that Gerard will come, i had strage calls yesterday with him, i read in a letter an appointment that i had to change , Gerard must come with me too so i had to call him too.
but i thought it was his teaching time he don't pick up his phone so i had in my mind some lines to speak in his voice mail.
and suddenly i got him in real, and i only could say oooh my gosh i thought i could spoke a massage in your phone.LOL
And later in the eve i phoned his wife my friend and... again Gerard, so i only asked him is Karin not at home? she was watching tele and so i only asked my question at him.
we have made this deal , this rule because i don't have with Gerard a real friendship , his my coach , so we were agree that i can call karin but i don't will talk with Gerard, when i want i must phone him on his own phone number.
its working great.LOL
sometimes Gerard is forgotten it too, too when he is at my home.LOL

oh good for you that you have spoken the shopowners!!! I'm proud of you sis!!!!;XD
Well done.!!!!
hey you can make some school crafts, i have made some duct tape etuis without sewing look at my project and you will find him.
or making other nice school equipments, i have bought a funny school agenda too, it's from pip, it's a dutch designer , i like her vintage style, i have bought her teapot too,
it's in blue with green and with a dove on top sooo cute.LOL
hey i must wash myself , i have cleaned my house of crafting materials and ... vacuum cleaned it so i'm still in pj's LOL
my fave housestyle at the moment.LOL
A friend of here Sheila has the same problems of being worn out the whole time soo we made alot of fun of designing our own pj's style.LOL
something funny, my Gp told me that she always love to see me when i must come to her. We talk alot of our own arwork , and it's always funny and cheerful, she learns alot of me, like t hat.
but sometimes i told her i'll become by this in s trange situations, last time the md told when i had to stay in a hospital what did you gp told you?
i couldn't say oooh she had bought an artpiece of me, so i thought what must i say, so i said she was agree to go to the hospital.LOL
the md looked at me very strange.LOL
when i told her this she had to laugh as well.
i 'm sure i will miss her.
so now i must move my self to the tab ;-D
hey have a good fun day , and you're always in my mind as well, my sweet sis.
much greetings of a boring grey utrecht and... of me lots of kisses and hugs, till soon;-D x0x0x00x00x00x0x00x0x00x00x0x0
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And usally at night i cry myself to sleep.. I am depressed all the time!
βεℓℓα ♥ ♪ ♫ ღ
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I read one of your comments... I have moved to 5 different schools... And this one girl... I was sobbing when she had to move.. And a couple years later she attacked me on facebook. Just because I commented on her photo. She starts calling me this just awful and nasty stuff. And than just to make it worse Her friends started attacking me and saying horrible stuff also. And the girl knew my cell phone number. And after I blocked her on facebook she starts texting me nasty mean stuff. And than when I thought things were going for the worst she starts giving her friends my phone number! We came close to calling the cops on them... And I think we can relate to each other A LOT... If you want to message me on my private email it is


And alot of other stuff happened to in my life =(
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaw what a horrible elderly you have met in the bus.
they are here the same, i having the same stories.LOL
But don't be tooo harsh on your self, i didn't know the fist time neighter to fight this.LOL
When it happenend i go to home and think about it, and must excercises those anwers.LOL
then i problably know the next time to react.;-D
i'm doing less things at t he moment. i'm ill-S
stupid longs of me.LOL
it's a virus infection in my longs-S so i'm out of breath.LOL
soooo tired of just take some air in my longs-S
but because of our brain structure it's difficult to do nothing at all.LOL
i had called Gerard off, and he told me i will call you back to think of some good resting advices.LOL
he did, and i can handle it much better now.
but this moring when i awaked i thought woooow it's over, Of course not but because i had slept it felt it was normal to breath but after some riding i thought nooo it's back.LOL
it was just not over.LOL
LOL i can't be ill , i never could rest, i had to stay in bed in the hospital for a half year, and i was very clever to do alot thing in bed.LOL
without touching the ground.LOL
the md's didn't understood it, and some were really angry of me.LOL
Now i know what was the matter.;-D
so in the moring i must do some real stuf and the afternoon i can do nice things that doesn't take too much energy and i must rest really while my break and try later on to sleep.
but the last thing is the hardest.LOL
And don't forget when people aren't nice and kind you don't have to be nice and polite either. I have learned that from Gerard.LOL
i still must excercises that. i'm often in a good mood so it's really hard.LOL
and because of our brains i always forgot that not all people are kind and polite to me.
by some of them i have wrote a note by their adresses.
Like don't tell personel things or... don't call them... or...
you certainly will understand this.LOL
so i'm trying to be brave.LOL
i'm working on my adress change cards gifts.
To much work, i thought i will sew them together, but...the carton is too thick for my machine , he can do it, but i'm afraid that i will blow up my motor.
I have done this before.LOL
so i do it with the sewing machine but i will turn the wheel with my hand. that's heavy.-S
so i have done almost 33 and i try to scan a book in between.
You 'll reconizes this?!!!!LOL
Humm today Muis is ill she had diarhee and puked all around , i think it ;s the cheese , she eat yesterday and... perhaps her food, i found chicken for her, she had a horrible not tasty diet for kidney problems.
poor puss she is laying the whole time on the couch curled tight up.
i didn't gave her her anti histamine meds she only will pjuck it out.
her stomac and bowels need some rest i think.
so i must be strickly to her this day.
wolfje played her doggy game she brought a iron wire so i have given her a piece of felt i had left over, but later she found a fly, that's the best toy you can play with.LOL
Yesterday i saw on tele a docu about the clinic of pets, and a cat his skelet by his behind leg were made smoothly, (so it's not his skelet , i must say bones.;-D
i saw he was still in pain.
when they lifted him to put him in his carriage bag he was angry .
Muis wasn't she was rolled up oftenly in a blanket because she still didn't got the right body tempt, and when i lifted her out of her bag carefully and lay down her on her preheathed bed she was good.
i think they didn't give the cat meds to the pain.
Muis had pain killers but she was very bad hurted that time.
and of course it only got worse.LOL
when i had to make an other viisitng after 1,5 year they knwo excactly whom Muis was.LOL i was flabber gathed because by t hat specialist clinic there comes many broken bones of cats and dogs.
but Muis had to come too often, it was too complicated so after two broken bones it became three, and it was taken too long.
the first time she had to stay 6 months in a bench and the last time only three.
one of those broken bones isn't health still.
but because she is scafffolded still insite it's okay now.
okay... cats can be having real problems.LOL
hey i don't know what to tell now.LOL
i will move 19 octobre.
it sounds far away but.... times fly i must do alot so i hope i will recovering soon.
i must call monday about this rent of this house how to stop it .
and... i will have with Gerard an appointment by the firm for my brace. to make him smoothly to weare.
and i will have an phone call with the community of my question to make my pink wheels more comfortable for my neck.
i thought it's just springs but when i asked the builder that, he told me then you need just a new frame.!!!!!
no way. i t hought i have this one almost 6 months.!!! so i called my dealer and he thought with me and came with a 5 th wheel.
You must connect that in front of the chair it makes the wheeel basis longer so the bumbs will be less hurting my neck.
but... it's still a big question if the communty worker like this.LOL
so i must think how i must tell this.LOL
because they know too i'm going to Haarlem.LOL
And i had to call of Fokus, i was sooo happy when i got her voice mail on her phone.LOL
she called later back, but i didn't heard the message i think i will listen to it, on monday. on friday i 'll almost couldn't talk, so i think it's better to do this monday.XD
smart huh,?!!!!!!LOL
we girls must need a break as well;-D
hey did you heard some thing of the university?
i hope so
hey sweet sis have a great nice crafting creative weekend and lots of kisses and hugs of your sis;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, sisXD
hummm i make such a stupids mistakes too.LOL Don't worry just call them and tell you're still interesting in the job!
we all do some mistakes so if they are nice they will understand it.
If you don't take action , then it's up to them-S
so just be strenght and call them;-D
it's strange weather sometimes it's thunders but not here, only you hearing the noice and... sometimes it 's sunny and the same time it's raining cats and dogs.LOL
i'm still working on the layers of my wooden carpet-S
and try to do some adminstraiton for the moving.
not at all interesting.
i understand your story, i have such a friend myself.LOL i have spend many years to try to let her understood the differences bewteen her and my live.
but i have given it up, i have thought a long time what i had to do.
and i found out that i love her, because of herself and the rest-S
i found out it wasn't importend.LOL
she became a politican figure in the coverment and i was sad of it, but... still the same i loved her just the way she was, so i prommised myself never talk about our politic differences.
but some people can't understand how others live, because the differences are too big. or they can't empathize with on other.
And some people are just boring and not good so drop them.
they will drop you later as well, i have found out myself.LOL But we all have momentairly friends for just a periode. Most at the time it will be that.
not always.
i have lost many friends but it was good i think because i was changing as well in an other direction.
oooh that's wonderfull that you will start soon.
i will think of you.
Hope you have a good class with good nice people.
still proud of you!!!

sooo that 's alot of movements, in my childhood i only moved once, and later when i was grown up i had to move many times.
it felt like i was a sort of gypsy.LOl i had always a bag with all the importend things with me , so i could stay by others if ih ad to.
i hated it. when i had done my study i had often a room in an other city so i traveld during the weekend to my real home.
it was okay , but i missed the resting time and the peace of staying all the time in one place.
so when i got back to school to the art academy on my 30th i had planned to travel the whole week to my own home in utrecht.
that was heavy but it was better.
so i could stay with my love and my cats in the same house.
so it's always a choice.
i wanted before john died allready to move, but when he died i had first to mourn to feel soo free again to let behind all the things of John and myself.
but this waiting time wasn't good. i needed for my health to move much sooner.
this isn't a good appartment for me anymore.
totally not driveable -S
I have lived her 35 years. so it's enough.LOL
good to hear that i have helped you, and you don't have to beare all those bad behaivour of those elderyly.
i was allready not well when i heard of two elderly women in the bus a story.
they were really pissed off.LOL they told each other that a youngster didn't wanted to stand up for them. so they told him you're rude and impolite when i was younger i had to....
so he told her i will stand up for you if you change of your body, he had a real health problem, She was furiuos.
i had have the same i was laying in the hospital and an elderly was behaving like me the same. I asked a nurse in the eve can you give me some water so i can brush my teeths. She did and she watch my toothbrush and said heey you use a very small one like me do you have problems with your gums.
i said yeaaaah and we talk about those problems , suddenly the old woman yelled out aaaah you're still young you don't have problems !
the nurse watched her and said calmly okay young people can be very ill as well so they have the same rights like you to talk about it.
suddenly she stopt.LOL
it's the embittering i think. i see it too oftenly. i was hit by a old lady her wheels because she was acting like a witch, it wasn't only towards me but to the whole world.
she didn't care at all, she had it difficult the rest not.
i think they have forbidden h er to come to the shop, she had broken many times the paydesk in the shop.LOL
she did it on purpose because she didn't wanted to wait in the right much wider deskpath but in the normal one so then she hit with a too much speed the desk.
and the other people.
she never said sorry.
i understood why she did it, but i think nobody m ust behave like that to others.
so not all of us are sensitive. like you and me.
next week the manager of care of the care organisation comes to me to know each other. don't like it at all.
i'm too busy at the moment.lOL
so i have told everybody i will welcome them only in the group livingroom.LOL
they have looked inside my house a year ago and one time is enough.
the man that would come this day for my pink wheels called off, its' not funny anymore. he was agreed with me, so he promised m e i will call you friday to make a new appointment right?!!!!
so i must wait a little bit more, uch impatiendly me.LOL
hey sweet sis of me have a good nice eve try to relax a little bit and be crafty or creative.
i love you and send you my love, some catheads of my ladies to you and sweet dream tonight.
xoxoxoxoxooxoxooxoxoxoxo and this as well.LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hello dearest sis XD
i'm momentairly too busy i thought i could give my selfmade wood carpet with the meadow during the weekend some new varnish layers.
but. i'm still working on it.-S it's too much work.LOL
some panels are finely done on the front now i must paint the backsides as well.
so i t hink it's just a job for t he whole week.LOL
i having this problems of mistakes of time always. Gerard told me that's the adhd.
I believe his right.LOL
i had the same problems with kiddo's as well on the primairy school like you when you had your mum working on the same school.
about elderly. i think alot of women didn't learned as a young growing up to be nice to others, and when they stucked to home the don't see any others more that will tell them hey please stop.
so they become their selfs again but much worse.
I have worked with elderly in the past and they were dementional, so all the bad and good things where much bigger.
so some where really horrible behaving. but some just sooooo sweet and kind and pretty.
I know of being stucked to home 1 year and 5 months it's hard , sometimes i' can be crumpy too, but i have learned myself to selfreflex my behaviour.
so then i telling me self please Jet put Oscar (sesame street) back in the trash bin. and then i must laught of myself and often my bad mood is gone.
or i will sing loutly my tearyearking songs so i must laught of the strange horrible lyrics.LOL
Most people and specially elderly don't does that and when nobody else tells them that they are horrible to stay with and does not other interesting things they will get only embittered.
but when you are doing all kinds of interesting things when you are young and growing up and learn yourself you must be nice and kind and polite it's not happening (, mayby a tiny bit.LOL)
My friend Karin is of my age and we talk about this subject alot because we both are afraid of become like them.LOL
we both think it's all happening because the world is just krimping and become to small and when you don't have learned to selfreflex to yourself and...not have learned to be doing things it's going only worse.
Karin and i have asked alot of people to tell us that we becoming like that if we showing some of those embittered behaviour.;-D
i think after so long stucked to home it's a big job to spend time for others and trying to be interesting and interested to others.
i'm lucky that i have my art work and i can craft and.. i 'm most at the time just a good entertainer to others, but... i'm lucky to have interenet as well, so i feel less onlone.
there is an other matter as well. some people love to be the boss of others to show their importency to overule others with their power.-S
that's always going on with people but,.... but by some exculsively!!!
and because others are afraid of t hem and don't dare to stand up for them selfs with more others they will become more strenght and become only worse.
it's like bulliers!!!!
i think your piest is like that. not good for that proffesion.
but not all the good people have the good proffestion;-D
this weekend i saw on tele the statues in Den Haag on the street, they were all from chinees artist, some great , and some lesser.
LIke normally.LOL
but one artist had wrapped all the carbich we europeen had sent to China like an art installation. so okay i will send your trash back.LOL
but non of the people here saw what he did, they only told the maker of the docu it's just trash, it was!!!! but why they didn't understand.
they only got pissed off.LOL
so i was thinking when you will make an installation it's good when people can understand it other wise it 's sensless.
i have made installations myself but they were always kind of understandable.
this was not some people must only laught and thought it was a joke and others were got angry.LOL
i found it a pitty that nobody could understand it really.
and one artist had made a moveable statue but it was closed because it wasn't save.
so i'm really busy and do all kind of jobs together in the same time, not fine,
i read just yet that Gerard will comes by to hold up his etui, i saw he was forgotten him friday.
he has adhd as well, only lesser, but now he using the meds too, at first i thought oooh this is boring.LOL
later on the meds were no working anymore soo he became only jumpier then ever so i had to laught. he understood directly what was going wrong so he took a new med.
Yesterday i called for a letter my gp but when she was calling i was sitting on the toilet so i missed her.
so today i had to phone her again.
they have set me on her list for tomorrow.
I like her , she is of my age as well , we are both artist, she has bought some art work of me, so sweet.
i will miss her alot.
i'm afraid of finding such a great one again. i have had bad ones as well in front of her. Not all the gp's understand my adhd so oftenly they send me to the wrong md's-S Like when i had an infalmation in my longs and i got an asthma attacked.
Her collegea thought it was just a mental problem, but it wasn't so i did the same to know if i was right and then i got an asthma attack so i knew i was right.LOL
my gp knows she must listen carefully.
she helped me awesomely with all my problems during i took care of John.
And sometimes we were angry on each other but ... later on i always knew it will be okay. it's just a mis understanding or i had to grow to her directlng or she in mine.
i think it's home flexible you can think or ... feel free to listen to other arguments.
about the embittering as well.
And not all people can does this.
One friend it's for me a aquantance , was calling me and he has the opposite of adhd , he is autistic.
sooo he was telling me he was in therapy and his excerise for this week was getting people angry so he could learn to behave and standing that.
he told me what he had tried, i can asure you it worked because it m ade me sooooo upset and angry.LOL
but i knew he couldn't listen to my arguments so i only told him after i was really pissed off, okay don't tell me anything more of this.
and started an other subject.
but later on i thought is this correct of me. my sis said i was , he didn't done that situation , it's a none done thing to do.
and some others told me the same, but i was still t hinking how can i stop this with him. so i asked Gerard and he told me you was right and stopt it correctly.
so ... conclusion not all people can listen and can be nice and kind to others, not all people can feel the others emotion or can think they have.
so ...we can't change the others only try to change our behaviourings .
and sometimes you don't have too.
I have learned that as well. when people are soo like your priest they don't deserve your kindness.
i have learned that of Gerard when a woman on the choire was allways ugly towards me, she never told me why, so i stoped to be nice and kind to her.
it didn't worked to be nice to her, but by others it's woriking well.
so it's just be yourself and learn and learn how to behave to others.
yeaah i understand it , about school systems. you're right but by most europese lands (hummm just the countries next to me it's all the same.LOL)
okay sweet sis , be brave and have fun and be my sweet sis and stay funny and friendly and like other times eat cake and care and lots of hugs and kisses
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hello dearest sweet loveliest sis of me;-D
yeaah we have three steps of middle school as well.
i think it's the same system in europe. I'm glad because the system of the USA is soooo strange for me.
and oftenly it''s lesser high then we all think , but in europe the education is oftenly higher and better.
i love you for feeling so hurt of that girl, You are like me too highly sensitive as well. Not always a blessing, but sometimes , it's a blessing because we feel quickly if a persone is really good or bad;-D
Because people can be pretend to be an good persone but because we can sensitive their real inner persone we mostly are sure about that.
Not allways fine, those sensitivity but it' helps us to be a good persone for others.
awesome that you have had lessons of your mum, i had my mum on the primairy shcool as a teacher it was horrible, my sis didn't liked it as well.LOL
for other kids she was really a good one but she was sooo scarred of that others thought she was helping us her children much better that we didn't got help of her.LOL
in my childhood those day's it was strange to work as a mum, so the other mum were very mean to her. and yellous.
i was very tallented but because my mum was given us lessons as a crafting and art teacher they didn't saw it was my own talent.
and they always told me those mums of those kiddo's that i would be become a art and crafting teacher like mymum I hated that, like i wasn't my own self.
only a copy of my mum;-D
now i 'm very happy that after my other proffesions i became a teacher as well.LOL
aaaw thats sweet that you talk to them, it helps when people talks friendly if a animal is anxious or having pain , as well humans . I have helped some demented elderly on that way.
a old woman was sooo upset and angry and yellt to the others.
I know that the other nurses were standy ready to inject her with a drug.
i hated that, so i took her by the arm and said come we will seat her and tell me what is wrong, she couldn't tell me , but by talking about things if she likes it or not she started to calm down , so after all she needed just a nice person that took some time for her.
i have done there many strange things.LOL but i saw it was helping those elderly.
and makes them friendly to each other, because i let them speak to each other.
they were sitting everyday on the same chair on the same places next to the same people but didn't said anything to each other, by asking do you know how your neighbour next to you is calling. and let them bring each other their tea , i was suprised when an other nurse gave somebody a wrong cup of coffee, the man told him she never drink with sugar. He asked i he sure, i said yeaah it's the true, and he felt bad i asked why because he said you only comes h er one day weeklies and knows more of them then i do.
i said but now you have learned something more, just asked them always what they will and not taking things for granted.
i'm talking alot to the girls as well but oftenly to my self too, it's helping me to end the projects to the finishe;-D
sooo i love you every time more and more.
today i have planned my real move, it will be 19 en 20 octobre.
so now it felt more real then ever.LOL
i have worked with children with down sydrome as well i know how it's hurting them when people makes adventage of them.
but the stupids thing is that the teacher whom did this is the stupid persone really , soooo mean and horrible.
some peole do the same with me, i hate it too, and sometimes it makes me really pissed off so then i will stand up and show them with out words the same behaviour.
Like th ey are standing in a mirrow. Some men does this too by women like dressing you out with their eyes.
I had to travel by train for some hours when a man was doing this.
i t hought okay now is enough and i did the same like he did, and it worked he went away.LOL
oftenly men hates it when women does this,.lOL
or when people only watching me to find out why i'm a wheelie.LOL
In Argentine there where alot of people that has less education and were very poor, i'm speaking of the late 70ths and there was a man August Boal that wanted to learn them writing and reading to stand up for there selfs.
they did it with playing stories.
like the one i have just told you , just mirrowing what you see what the other does and what will harm you. there are some other playing methodes as well.
but it'\s really working.
i understand why you couldn't stand up for her, it's not to blame yourself, you was just a kiddo, it's the teacher to blame and his collegea to don't stop this.
My real sis has heard that because she has an adhd brain as well she had to stop being a teacher and doing boring work. The md had thought it would be working.
my sis is for a lot of children a great teacher because she is just not like the other boring ones so she became furious.
she told him i have learned for this because it's still a big adventure for me when you set me behind a desk with an computer and nothing else then i'm the worst adhd er you ever have seen.LOL
i had to laught today Gerard my adhd coach was by me and for the first time h e was very silent so i asked him have you taken your ritalin.
he sad yeaah, i told him i thought soo. it was at first a tiny boring but later the ritalin was worked out sooo it was funny to see his rebound.LOL
suddenly we had the same fun like the old days.LOL
so i understood you of the school that was too easy for you and later on a much higher level you found your self much better.
i think that 's for all of us the same.
finding the real good level of place to be is difficult but very importend to be cheerfull and satisfied and learning new things.
hummm no i don't give up very soon, but sometimes i know i must because it's not helping, but then i will later on try to find a way to fight against it. by a comic of me or by writing of it, or making a statue .
or something else.
i will go back with Gerard to the shop of my brace in septembre, Gerard was sad as well he found it very bad work, and a shame to must weare it.
so he said we must make a point Jet this is too bad for sooo much money.
You could have done it better.LOL
so, i must be patiencend.LOL i'm soooo worse with that.LOL
i think it's my live lesson.LOL
i have crochet a bracelet and some necklaces. and a paper bead necklace with paperclips and...
i 'm making adress change cards that are gifts as well.
and making little bag of weaven straws , it's a version for Jam.
but, it's not going too fast, i'm working on too many projects but the felted stone for Gerard is almost done i have felted it on hand and one time in the washing machine and think i must felt it one time more in the washing machine.
i will make a tute.
soo if you have made it and uploaded it just tell me so i can fave it.LOL
take good care and take cake as well, life is to be to celebreathe .
i t hink it can be a gift and we only can make it good by our self s so it's too a duty.LOL
hey have a great good creative weekend with much fun and be gentle to your self.
love you sweet sis and sooo proud of you still!!!!
many hugs and kisses ;-D xoxoxooxoxooxoxooxoxooxoxooxxxooxoox
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
oooh that's bad, but i'm glad i heard from you.
Yeaah.LOL like pets why can't machines not talk what is wrong.LOL
But... don't pick it up tooo personal, sometimes it's just a hard ware bug.;-D
i always talks to everything, like my sewing machine and tells him please just a small line.LOL
Some people give their cars a name, but i have learned to stop with that, after John bought every three years a new one-S
And some of my wheels but after a time i stoped with that as well.
too many changes in them in too short time.;-D
i found out i have bought the wrong wheelchair-S i'm dissapointed so i must wait to find out if they can help me in haarlem, i think not.
it's all about saving the cost in those departments.
and it my new brace but it's not fitting too well-S
i have got bruces and a damaged skin in my neck.-S
i called monday but i had to call back yesterday and the man told me to come there. so it cost more waiting time to got a better result.
it's about the leather he had glued on the outside that s given this problems-S
About teachers
Yeaah not all the teachers are good in their proffesion, i 'm a teacher as well, but i oftenly was a student too, so i have seen much bad ones and lesser good ones.
The one that were really good were always by everybody the good ones;-D
Teacher can be aweful and predjudiced, i had taken with John some latin lessons and on the same day we started i had got my greaduation of my art study and the 1e grade of my teacher proffestion in art history and art textile/fabric and in art crafting. so i was on the same level like the teacher whom was standing in front of us. (it's on university level)
but because of her predjudiceness she couldn't heard that and thought oooh this is a stupid girl.
so after our first exame she told me flabbergasthed huhh you have a nine and a half ... but and she gave t he other paper to John YOu have a 10 minus.
I had to laught about it but i knew it could be dreadfull, we had a man in the class that was from Suriname (that's a formal colony of holland,so those people talks dutch as well, but... not too well , specially when they are elderly.
the teachers there and the schools are much worse, so i understood what was going on. Every year he didn't passed the glass this was the third time on his 65 years he had to sit in the first year.-S
he understood not allways her , and she didn't understood him, she acted awefull to him like are you stupid, and so on, so every year he had a 6, but had to stay on the same level-S
we all were very upset of this strange behaviour, in dutch we call it the pigmalion effect. a teacher don't really know the other and is allready disliked the student in front of her/him, and because the teacher will act like that , it's effects the grades and the motivation of the student.
Because i knew that theory i thought i must ignore this. and so i passed her year.LOL
And teacher must give there lessons much better in more ways so every body understands it.
it's oftenly not, i know, i had had such a teacher as well.
i did a course of art quilting, it' was a post academical course.
the seccond teacher we got didn't liked me because i was a wheelie. And the home work we had to make was sooo boring because i didn't learned anything about it, because of my own work, so i thought i must make it more a learning for myself so i changed it a little.
but the woman was only upset and i did it wrong and i wasn't obedient to her?
the whole time (we had a whole day a lesson of one teacher she was really mean to me, I have tried to give her some credite but she couldn't heard it.
she only was thinking i was such a horrible wheely.LOL
so i thought after i was asking can we talk about the seccond time of you, she wanted to use hot wax, and i have problems with my movements sooo i saw the danger, but she told me nooo i don't want that, you can do like the others!!!
so i thought okay next time i'm sick.LOL
i think i didn't missed things.
i think that not all teacher are creative and are freeminded about their lessons.
Students can have differens levels so why not comparing that, and let the book they always follow leave at home but adjust to the students;-D
today i have my seccond migraine day.
i have took my pills but it\s feeling still i have had some bad flu.
Only yesterday i only could cry now i'm feeling crumpy. LOL
i have read a comment of Gerard and thought only hummm i'm totally disagree with you.
so i must explain that later, tomorrow.

Good of you that you took of your own some homework, i do this often as well.
i think learning is growing but we don't must take theory for always reallity.
i saw on tele a docu of the usa univeristies and till my flabber gastment they learned those USA students that the theory of Darwin was just garbage!??????
By the way that was on the religious univerities!
Strange and dangerious, but they were telling more strange things, and the students took all those t hings for granted!!!
i have learned to be critical, sooo?!!!
sooo i love you for doing all those lessons inspite of those horrible teacher of you!!!
proud of you!!!
Today i found by calling my insurrancy probably a solution.
because of the getting worse condition of my neck i can't travel anymore with normal cabs-S
so i must lay, but how must i arrange that when i must travel to all the new adresses in haarlem , so i called the them and they told me how i must arrange this in front, i must receive from my gp a special request and that she must send to the health insurancy and then it waiting.
so i hope it's going this time better then my brace;-D
i'm working at t he moment of adress changing cards, but they are really gifts.LOL
and on some crochet necklaces. and i just found out how to crochet the crododile stich, i saw some beautiful patterns but you had to buy them so i t hought perhaps i can find them as well for free on the internet, so i did.
I'm very good in those technics sooo later on this morning i thought you can do it differently so the edges aren't sooo strange like by those other examples that they showed.
sooo i'm lucky now.
and a tiny bit proud of myself.
and i'm making a scratching thing for the ladies. i had made one of wood with carpeting on it, but it's allmost gone , they love it too much.LOL
so i'm making now one of carton boxes, i have done the cutting allready but gluing is always cost the most time, ;-D
hey good luck and succes with your in front studying and i really hope they send you soon more information.;-D
have a good nice creative day and for tomorrow a fun awesome crafting weekend as well.
much love, hugs and many kisses of your sis;-XD
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
yeaah they often don't know how things can be turned out with some illnesses.
they often are wrong with their prognosis;-D
My sis is like me very tough and strong. she will die of an other diseases.-S
so when she heard she got cancer she told me i will do the whole treatment because they can help me and not with the other illness.LOL
so it was not too heavy to stay with her those times, we had a lot to laught still.;-D
i will give her your greetings.;-D
i can sleep when i'm sitting straight as well.LOl And too when i'm standing. Allthought that was along time ago when i didn't was a wheelie, now i can't.LOL
i hadn't slept for 24 hours to suport my sis with her first labour of her oldest daughter. Her hubby wanted to go out the house and she only had me to stand up for her, the midewifes didn't had much time because there were three clients as well in labour in the same time, so they gave us a paper of stadiums.lOL
it wasn't great and after a while my sis didn't wanted it no more longer so i had to work hard and think very quickly of new idea's to motifate her again.
it was a good time and i enjoyed the time with her and it was beautiful to watch her giving birth to her daughter, i was soo proud of my sis.LOL
But because i didn't slept and i had to travel by train and bus the whole journey back i was suddenlyl sooo worn out that i felt asleep just standing in a row to buy a ticket.LOL
yeaah often i try to do some crafting to keep me awake as well.LOL

i have heard yesterday of my sis that her bowels are free from cancer they found only the good tumors and they are removed.
and more better news i have got my brace , he is stupid but nice good bright coloured red.LOl and... i have got the date of my move i will receive in octobre the key of my new home. i'm sooo enthousiatic and jumpy.LOL
so i thought i must tell you that.

Hey when will you started with your study?
next month?
and yeaah i'm really your sis, sooo the sometimes the world can be much smaller.LOL
i have found out that i must know Karin and her twin sis for many years allready.LOL
sooo strange;-D we often were in the same place so i think we have seen each other too. Strange idea.LOL
I think i have met Gerard as well years ago, but because we all changed of age i don't know i have met them for real.
but... Karin told me that her sis knews my name.LOL i wasn't a commen student on that study.LOL so oftenly people knew my name as well.LOL
okay i must go to my work, it's almost the end of the morning-S
but i have today a migriane so it'm slow to day.LOL
hey choclate girl i wish you many of them for today and okay i will send all the kisses of the wold backwards to you.LOL
had to laught of that line of yours.LOL
hey dearest sis have a nice good weekend with a lot of fun and enjoyments and sending you my love as well. much happy crafting time too;-D
your e-sis XD
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
woooow thank you for such many kisses now i don't have to wash myself for some days anymore.LOL THANK YOU!!!!
I'm not suprised about the age of your mum, Gerard children are a little bit older so he is too, so it thought allready you're mum will be much younger ;-D
oooh soo funny your story , i have those problems as well.
I'm like you in the end of the year having my birthday as well, the 11th of december.
so people thinking always i'm much older of real age and like you i'm looking much younger as well.
but because i'm always running out of my energy level, i have thought that my real age was at my 40th allready 80 years.
so then i counted everyyear a year by. sooo it'm almost 100 years.LOL
And match is not my great job , i have beside dyslextie too discalculie sooo i always change numbers , sooo much troubles to counting all real years out of my head.
but it's easy i have found out because i'm of the year 55 soo when it's 10 or 5 years later i only have to think okay then i will got..

When my sis got the first time breast cancer , she is now okay , sooo... but at that time the first time i helped her with all the appointments and the surgery md said to me huhhh are you really 50 th , i t hought she was mentioning some other thing so i tried to explain why i had the same breast exams as well but much sooner, but that wasn't what she meanted.
Later on my sis became friends with her and she told that she was of my age but Karin and i were thinking she was much older. 60years.LOL
Happely we didn't told that.LOL
it' was a crazy day, i was with my sis the whole day and because there horse was ill my sis had to go to the stable to take care of her, and suddenly a woman told she was free of cancer so ... but we only thought huuh you're looking allready like a woman of 70th insteade of 50th.LOL
my sis was then too young for cancer so .. and after wards it came back no she is still in revision soo i hope she will be safe one day.
but how old people are isn't a real issue i think it's all about how you will live and think and if you are satisfied with your live.
That don't will say that we stay out of troubles but... when we like us try to find solutions it will help to stay satisfied and try to be cheerfull, but you have t he same brains i thing like me soo you will be a great entertainer as well.
and must be often laught of all things and of your self.LOL
wooow more good news, wooow Gongrationlations girl!!!!!
Awesome, i'm sooo glad for you, it will comes all okay !!!
and mayby not the whole time but helping surching for new idea\s of solutions will helps us to finishing what we wants. sooo i'm sooo happy for you sis and soo proud of you!!!!
i thought i must tell you that.
sooo huraay and eat some yummie things to celbreath all the great news!!!!
hey sweet fave sis in my mind i'm sending you a cake with a candle .LOL
i'm a fan of choclate it's not good for me but perhaps you love chocolate too so ,,, or think it's your fave flave and make it a happy celebreathing ;D
till next time, and for you for tonight happy beautiful dreams XD
and many hugs love and kisses the most of the whole world.LOL (cheeky huh?!!!)
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
heyyyy thank you for your request, finely we're not only e sisters but.. friends as well.
strange it really felted like we re friends in the first time.
but now we 're are really friends.yeaaaaaaaaaah!!!LOL
i'm worn out at the moment i m ust do some chore for today, like making the litter clean and change the filling and ... setting the trash outside but we are only alow to do that after 22 hours-S That's too late for me.LOL
i think i must set the alarm clock, i think i will fel asleep on the couch in front of the tele., soooo boring totally not inspirational.LOL
but a good med for sleelplessness
The first time i met Gerard he told me the same solution.LOL
so suddenly all my helping friends and people are always telling me turn on the tele and lay down for a while on the couch , you will fel asleep as soon as you lay down your head.LOL it's working, but now i can't watch the movies i will watch really.LOL I always hoping that the seccond time that they send out that movie i will have a rebound, but... always on the same moments it's happening again.LOL
Do you have the same problems or don't you watch less tele?
hey my dearest fave e sis have a nice eve and enjoy the joy of going to school soon!!! and nice dreams. love you!!!xxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hello my dearest sweet e-sis.
Yeaaah we have a lot in commenLOL
hey congreatulations of your mum , i hope she loved all your projects and using them with fun and pleasure.
Humm about the stone, i ony cooked (boiling ) a real stone and then i was really ill, To many migraines and sight problems , still a little bit worn out but it's going to be better.
hey congreatulation of the vet study , i'm sooo proud of you and sooo glad that you have taken the risk to talk with the teachers.!!!!
sooo cool and tough of you, love you even more!!!!LOL
wooow still be amazed of this all.
And you sstill can try to do the exams , but like you told me allready to become a vet is awesome as well.
i like the vet of my cats, he has seen alot of cats of mine during the last 25 years.LOL
Sometimes he helped me with given me some credit on the prize , Muis has too many problems and althought she isn't a cheap cat she cost me more then the others. but i love her so i try to fix all the problems.
i think she must go back on the prednison there is a tiny leasy coming up on the same place after some days when she stop with those meds-S
I was allready afraid of it.
poor puss. but she is eating good and is calm and well doing so i think i must call him.
I'm not fond of every vet, but if you were our vet i would be your fan!!!!XD
still not used my other computer so if you want to be my friend just send me a friend request , i have now made a link for to ask you and send it to my other computer.
this isn't working.
Hey when is your birthday.
And i love some of the artist of fabric of your country, sooo your country isn't not too unknown, it's a well known country of fabric designers and of fabric artist.
Hey did you started allready with school and mayby you can uplouded the cloves for your mum for cooking.
i will fave them!!!
Hey funny that you have the same eye that does the same., only i wish you will have that not too much. but when my eye will give problems i think i will always think of you .LOL
but in a good way.LOL
Today i wanted to make some felting for the stone but it's too windy outside the balcony sooo humm i must wait one day more i think.LOL
this isn't going to work.LOL
today i was suddenly making a chocker of paper beads an other kind , more flat shaped and used some paperclips for it, but when i was finished i thought i can do it much better so there will come a version of it as well.LOL
hey enjoy your study , i'm really glad for you and still sooooo proud of you!!!!
hey i hope your mum had a nice celebeathingday.
Perhaps she is of my age.LOL sometimes i forget how old i 'm and then ... but i'm only your e sis!!! not your mum, and i love to be your sis , hey have a good week, next time i will send you much sooner a comment backwards!!
hey have a nice eve as well and send you tons of succes for yours study.
all my love many dutch greetings (that's an big embrassing with three real kisses on the cheeks. ) and... thousends of tons of hugs and kisses;-D xxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOl i loved your joke about that your cat can translate muis her typing work.LOL
sometimes they are making long letters as well.LOL
but i don't think that everybody loves them.LOl
Perhaps it's not sooo gentle and kind when you are able to translate it.
Like those comics with the cursings int he balloons like drawings. I love them but... i know that they aren't sooo sweet and nice when you would speak it out loud.LOL
LOL those mice that looks like cows. awesome.LOL
perhaps you can make them your selfs
ooh that's sweet that you will use the fabric for other projects.
i'm economic as well, but i'm a dutch girl so i need to be that way because we are sooo famous about our economic live style.LOL
sometimes i don't think we 're really economical.
but... i try.XD
wooow it was really your lucky day, good for you., hope you will enjoy it much times.
so you must make a present for your mother?
do you know what you will make.
i'm making a wriste felted stone cushion for Gerard to use for his hands to rest by working with the mouse.
I found the name Gerard in chinese symbols so it think i will embroidering that on the 'stone:
i have cooked a stone for hours in water so i can use him for a model to felting the fibres on it.
but today i didn't do too much last eve i got a migraine and still not over. and after four meds still not.-S
One eye don't work at the moment it's my right eye. stupid.
so my left eye must work hard.LOL
some day you will have your tiny cows at your home.
or sooner when you make them your self.LOL
yeaah in holland it's the same the art acadmies can make the rules-S
sadly , i know alot of people that are self made artist and they makes great work as well so it's just a rule of some persones. so don't give up.;-D
hey till next time, i have send myself a message to my other computer to ask you as my friend
it felt you are my friend allready but that it's real.LOl but the last couple of days i didn't worked on that computer, this is an old one so not all the buttons are working on cok for this computer main system anymore-S
so... one day we will be friends
hey much love from your e-s is and take good care and have a creative eve
much hugs and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hey dearest e-sis
wooow that's funny that you wanted to became the same.LOL
yeaaah that's beautiful music.
about forgetting all ... that's a problem of most adhd people , it's called hyper focus. i having this alot myself as well.LOL
sometimes it's very handy.LOL
humm why not trying to use it for something else, like a bag or... a cover.
a plushie?
I have learned to use material that at first wasn't possible to weare but when you do some adjustments it will be wearable after all.LOL
don't tell this to too much others.LOL
it's a hughe secret.LOL
humm m my furries are teasing me they wanted to have again some food-S
they knnow they don't must call or yell but they will try to sit very closely on my hands so that i have a lot of problems.
i often agreeing with Gerard that cats are given big raising problems like children.LOL specially mine. he always repeated.LOL
humm they aren't just normal brand cats sooo that's the problem.;-D
about too tall, when i was 15 i have seen a puppet show and one of the players was to tall as well and the other puppets during the play banged the whole time at his head and told him just keep your head down.LOL
it was one of my teacher at that school. but because they didn't like a game during the play it was really funny.;-D
Hummm i think there are tiny and tall puppeteers as well so why not and the mordern way is to play with the dolls outside the closet.
so that's strange.
and you could find a solution as well , this sounds like discrimination of tall people.LOL
poor sis of me-S so i give you a big hugh for to comforting you.;-D
don't give up your dreams;XD Just keep them in mind so you can do something with it later.
']\= this had typed Muis for you, don't know what it meand.LOL
mayby there must come a google translation for cats typping as well.LOL
hey till later, love you , just have fun destroying everything can be done later as well.;-D
xoxooxoxoxo your beloved e-sisXD <3
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my friend
yeaaah because i wanted to be for a long time to become a pupeteer as well, i watched them always.
At the end of my art study i knew that my healht wasn't alowing me to become one so... i only wrote a piece about it for my final theatre exams.
So it was good at the end.
One of my study mates is became one at the age of 50.
i like that when people change their lives sooo dramaticly.
i think thats why i wanted in the first time to move to an other city as well.LOL
still nothing about a date of the move-S
think it will become later then september the first.
i try to think i will have more time for my glass recyling curtains.LOL
Hey like that you're more spending time on crafting!!!!
I didn't had a great weekend lots of neck problems and long as well so it was more a resting time.LOL
totally not my fave.LOL
hey have a great creative good week , much love, h ugs and kisses;-XD
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello dearest little e-sis.XD
Said for you to have great friends and then you lost them by there moving-S
i have lost friends as well, Gerard is from my age and told me this is a normal proces ?!!!
I have found it out as well, but it always hurts, but i know that we find as well every time suddenly new people that will become friends.
And i have been change in my live as well, like they does. Some old friends didn't changed at all so i couldn't beare not all there idea's so then it was me to blame of the lost.LOL
Yeaah i'm really greathfull i have found Karin, she looks like me in a lot of things, but sometimes we only are fitghting about some subjects as well.
But that's only because she wants to help me by the moving and sorting things out and has in her mind a strategie that 's not the one i have thought of.
But... after awhile i got my agree.LOL
but it 's always in a friendly way and with much fun and a lot of jokes.
oooh i didn't know that too about the sect of your friend.
I have learned to ask people , last time that Gerard was here i had a really horrible mood, i was sooo worn out and i was very crumpy.LOL
Gerard don't say anything about it, but he will make jokes and teasing me with calling me Oscar of the muppet show, or sesame street.
I don't know if you have seen that on tele?
but... that's making me laught and then i can say sorry.
But after that time i t hought he will be mad on me, so i wanted to say don't come , but that was only in my mind.
and suddenly he called me about a thing he had promised me and he sounded okay and totally not angry.
so i was flabbert gasthed and asked about it. and so he came just in front of his vacation time.
we were agree that i was wrong and had to asked him more if i was right.
sooo i'm learning still on my age as well.LOL
Yeaah i like to suport others. but you doing the same honey , your very sweet and kind and doing soo your best!!!!;-XD
sooo don't give up and don't forget we have other brains and mostly we are much more sensitive then the one with the "normal" brains.LOL
my little niece having those problems too, she is sooo kind and sweet , and caring.
But is hurting quickly because of this too sentivifity as well.
oooh thank you of telling me about the comics of m e and your complement Love it.!!!
humm i' don't like all t he comics i have some faves but i read other books as well.
Only i'm n ot a quickly reader because i have dislextie.
I read a lot but ... but very slowly.LOL
like a turtle when he could read. LOL that would be a great picture to draw.LOL
hey today my neck brace will come and i'm still in my pj's sooo i must hurry.
)One thing.
just give the people that love and appriciate your handmade gift your project, the rest yust give them the small things they wanna have.
Sometimes people want of me a real art piece because it's there birthday, for just nothing.!-S i have told a old friend you don't give me a house as well for my birthday s. Her proffesion was at that moment an estate agent.
But she didn't want to understand my issue, so i have given her a big large study object which i had made for my 3d art class at t he art academy.LOL
i couldn't stored it soo well so it felt like a relieve to give it away..LOL
but for somepeople it's great to make presents , i will make for gerard a present for his birhtday next september.
he didn't said what he wanted so i t hink i will make a thing for his computer,
to rest your wrist on by the cmputer.
i will make a fake stone.LOL
that will be good.
hey now i must run, send you all my love and hugs and... kisses my sweet e-sis and bea happy crafting sis!!!!XD

Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL no i'm not your sis, but... i can be your internet sister.LOL
ooh that's to bad, but can you talk with them in front. I did that before i had the exame for the first year.
i told them them all about my problems with my wellfaire and they understood it , and later on when i became too ill to travel everyday to the academy by train they gave me a personel study course.
it wasn't pleasent but , i was eager to got my degree in the end.LOL
I was soo hard working that i was greaduated with honour.LOL
my hubby was sooo proud of me , and of course my sis and the teachers.
sometimes talking is helping to solve problems as well.
and can you talk to the zoologisch museon ? mayby they have a other kind of job in between.
just tell why you need the job and how you love it. and why there!
oooh i understand it, when we do a wish you never must tell about it because it don't come true.LOL
In holland it's the same wise, you don't must ask private things or you must really know each other.
And yeaah people can be very very annoying.LOL Specially when you are like me a wheelie people thinks they can ask you anything.
One day a taxi driver asked how i had sex with my bf. i had seen that he had a picture of a wife and he had a ring on his finger so i asked , so you're married.
awesome and how are you doing that.LOL
suddenly he stoped asking and we didn't speak for an hour, i had to travel very far.LOL
Yeaaah i'm making comics you can see them on my website, only they are in dutch.
because they were all published in dutch magazines.
but some friends on cok had used google to translate some of them, some are really typical dutch situations sooo not all are really good to translate.
i love to draw but i make mostly other work.
in my spare time i 'm doing stupid things like knitting a sweater.LOL
or... making a small present.
Gerard is soon having his birthday so i must make a present for him.
i have asked what he wanted , but he couldn't answered , so i have thought some while and things i wil make something for his computer.
he will help me with the moving to haarlem. His wife Karin she is my friend is helping me as well , so sweet.!!!
and... there son and there future son in law will help as well.
i know there daughter , there son only of picts.
Yeaah sometimes writing isn't all , because we are from different cultures and some words can be misunderstood, so if i do somthing horrible , just tell me and explain why i have hurt you so i will say to you sorry.!!!!!
i have been hurt by a cok member that was my friend.
i have explained it to her but then she did it again. not fine.
so i have ended the friendship.
I think i will got the key of m y new home in septembre, they have promised me the key allready months before .LOL
now i have more time to make all the curtains. i make them of all kind of recycling materials sooo it's costing me a lot of time because i'm running the whole time out of the saving recyling materials.LOL
I 'm making a glass curtain of yoghurt lids and one of toilet tubes and an other of real glass curtain which i make in it felt with holes i will show them on here when they are finishing,
the one with the yoghurt lids is allready a year work, it will hang on my bedroom window it's still to short , but it will be for long a half sized curtain.LOL
later i can add more lids on it. to make it longer.LOL
i have too many ideas-S
Hey my sweet e - sis you're welcome for my words i hope it's helping you and giving you some idea's to start your dreams.
you're very kind to me as well, thank you and about the appartment (no thanks LOL)
hey take good care , hugs and kisses ,t ill next time
e-sis xoxoxoxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hello sweet friend;-D
aaaaw we have something the same.LOL
People that don't have an adhd brain can't amagening that it's a great thing to have jumping brains. They often think the horrible things of adhd.
Like angry and really impulve dangerous people.LOL
I think mayby some less will act like this, and not women with adhd. But men.
but the most people i have met with adhd brains of growing ups were just nice , kind and funny people with crazy ideas.LOL
My adhd coach has a tiny bit adhd , so we oftenly had to laugh of all the strange solutions we make. and we have the same kind of strange jokes.
i'm really fond of him, it's of both ways, i'm working with him i think 4 years and i see i make good progress.
about your frustration of nothing to do...job and not going to school.
I will tell you my story.
mayby it's helping you.
I wanted to go to the art academy, but i had less study years left over.
but because i had an alowens because i got all kind of health problems i thought okay i will take the risk.
Because sitting at home or doing jobs as a voluteer which i'm proffesional for isn't great. I have tried it out.
but it was strange to see that others with not the right proffesion became money and i not.!-S
sooo. i when i received the letter of the art school i was welcome ,( we had to do an exame in front to show our skills , and from the hunderd students that did the exame there were just 11 students that passed the exam and i was one of t hem.
Every year is was exchiting if i was alowed of my welfare organisatiton to go to the following year.
So i liked it to learn the most things and i was eager to learn alot.
because perhaps i must leave with out my final exams.
it was strange to study in this way but... it was good. for me.
i was happy with my study, it was horrible heavy.LOL but i learnd a lot.
so, i understand you i thought all the years in front of my decision like you did.
but you can think too okay i will have something to do and learn new skills and then we will find a new solution or not.
I hope this is helpful for you, if you don't do anything nothing will change-S
And you only will become moody and... depressed.
What the most help for me is right now. is to stay in the here and now.
it's easy to tell but it 's a really difficult one .LOL Because i 'm not healthy and can't do the same anymore as i used too be, i found out that i was only grieving of my lost, and not happy any more.,
and t hinking of the future wasn't helping me neither. it will be only worse.LOL
so why not stay in the here and now,
this is helping me to find still new solutions for staying to crafting and staying to be kind and cheerup.
Okay i have my horrible days as well.LOL
And mostly they become by the others.LOL i don't blame other people but ... when i don't want to be helped and they still trying to help me i will get angry.LOL
Like yesterday i wanted to pay with my credit card. the woman at the paydesk gave me the machine, but i was thinking of the prize, and suddenly an older man stood next to me and wanted to take over t he machine to help me?!!
he was like a music disc with a tic in it. he didn't listened to me.
so suddenly i shouted i don't want your help i can do it myself.
the womand had to tell him She don''t want your help She is telling you she can do it her self.
i was of that angry as well. Like i was speaking chinees. ugh.LOL
Later on the packages stood really high and the woman told me you can do it yourself huh.?!!!!
so i tryed it , but i knew it wasn't good for e she didn't understand it and she didn't thought of me like a real individuel-S
when i was driving pack to home i thought i must make a comic of it.
and though tof my sis, she had learned me the most funny things to do in those situations.
nooo it's much longer a year and 7 months.LOL not fine, still don't know when i will moved, i have now some old helping people this summer time , and they were supprised to read on there list huhh Jet but she is living in Haarlem.
they couldn't believed it that i was still living in utrecht.
I cna understand why you love your old job i hope the precnancy girl will leave soon so you can come back there.
i will cross my fingers for you.!!!!
LOL that's soooo smart of you to cook the things you love to eat LOL
like that.LOL
I think with adhd you can live good, there are people with less problems with it and with alot like i had before i found Gerard.
I knew the fact of adhd very late, i was then allready 47 years. sooo that's why i took my meds and to learn all kind of tricks.LOL
sometimes you must learn methodes of not adhd people so they can understand your methode of administration.
i have a good working system for my meds but when i must get hospitalized i must do everything in real wrappings because they can't understand my system.
So Gerard have helped me with that, like you must make a back with list inside to take with you. for one day, a week a nd longer.
and make med list as well.
the last time i had to stay there they were flabber gasthed of my well organisated for them system. when i will come back i set all the meds back in my own working system.LOL
and to go out... Just make a shedule of ones a week to go out for a walk , to buy special crafting things.
i do this myself as well because i only will sit at home , now it's my damaged neck but i missing the outside world too much.
so every week i do my shoppings and hope i will have less damaging in my neck and try to do a lot of other shoppings in the same time.;-D
i don't like to have a shedule but ... i found out without i do nothing like you as well.LOL
so mayby it's helpfull for you too.
don't know.
hey sweet friend , much love and hugs and i'm having my fingers all ready crossed for you, have a nice good day , hugs and kisses and greetings of a Dry and suddenly sunshine utrecht. xoxoxoxooxoxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hello agian.XD
wooow that's really hot, we have at the moments only 14 degrees.LOL
and a lot of rain, LOL
its not summer it's looks like it's allready autumn.
aaaw sad that you have now the same .
i wish i was lazy too, i always do things , i can't sit still.-S
only when i will watch a movie on tele i always falling asleep.LOL
it think it's tooo boring.LOL
what do you cook?
i don't cook anymore , i don't can feel heath and cold and sharp and not sharp in my fingers so i oftenly see blood on my work and then i must check were i have cut my self.LOL
but i loved to cook when i was healthy i made big cakes with all kind of strange colours.LOL
I only makes now icepops.LOL
too from Yoghurt
are you tiered? or is it the change of the weather? when i was young i could be lazy as well in the summer.
i seee the same by my nieces they loves to lay down and do almost nothing during the hollidays.LOL
eating. humm i 'm tooo allergic for all kind of food as well .
so i'm a big problem for my friends.LOL i always take my own food with me.
that's okay.
hey have a nice eve and a great crafting weekend , love and hugs and of course fun and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hello agian.XD
wooow that's really hot, we have at the moments only 14 degrees.LOL
and a lot of rain, LOL
its not summer it's looks like it's allready autumn.
aaaw sad that you have now the same .
i wish i was lazy too, i always do things , i can't sit still.-S
only when i will watch a movie on tele i always falling asleep.LOL
it think it's tooo boring.LOL
what do you cook?
i don't cook anymore , i don't can feel heath and cold and sharp and not sharp in my fingers so i oftenly see blood on my work and then i must check were i have cut my self.LOL
but i loved to cook when i was healthy i made big cakes with all kind of strange colours.LOL
I only makes now icepops.LOL
too from Yoghurt
are you tiered? or is it the change of the weather? when i was young i could be lazy as well in the summer.
i seee the same by my nieces they loves to lay down and do almost nothing during the hollidays.LOL
eating. humm i 'm tooo allergic for all kind of food as well .
so i'm a big problem for my friends.LOL i always take my own food with me.
that's okay.
hey have a nice eve and a great crafting weekend , love and hugs and of course fun and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hello agian.LOL
humm i'm not with all those friends real friends, some have send me a friend request and ... but they don;t write,
that's okay . I only write with people that likes to .
I think i have more time now then a year ago because i'm still stucked at home after my third whiplash.
but.... i hope after i got the neck brace it will change. This week i will have a fitting and then i hope it's okay and i will have him soon.
I work everyday in my own house,
No i don't do at the moment any study, mayby after my move, it all depends on which wheels i 'm alowed to take with me, and... if the brace doing his job right.
I will start in haarlem first with revalidation therapy and to find out all the people i need to work for me, to help me with my house cleaning ect.
Md's and so on.
it's feeling like a fresh start and a new adventure;-D
I'm waiting for this appartment now 1 year and 7 months.-S
not funny anymore. the best part of the house is that the helping and care hours that i need will come from Fokus , so no problems any more for that sort of adminstration i only have to press a buton.OL
I had the same problems when i was the first months at home. Going to a job or workingplace helps to get your live a daily srurcture.
but... when you're always at home you must do it your selfs.
That can be tough. So i have made my own stustructure every day i have planned something, so not all the days will have the same boring feeling.
Like when you go to school you know monday i will have english
thuesday... math
on monday it's my sorting out day with Karin my friend.
on thuesday it was my pink day because i was going to the tear yearking choire. and that was our colour.LOL
wensday i have an appointment with my therapist. and so on wendsday is green for me, in the meantime i have planned as well my work.
And an other problem i have with always been busy is that i have a very jumping brain.-S i have adhd. It's most of the time fun and much laughter, but... it worns you out!!!!! I have seen more people of my age with the same problem that are complaining about that.
always alot of ideas but sometimes i love to lay down and read a book, like the rest of the people.LOL
My last study was art quilting it was a post academice course. It was for two years.
it was interesting, and i learned alot , but the most importend thing for myself was to refinding my love for fabric art.
i had made at th e end two big 3d lamps in the form of a hughe cake.
they have been exhibitioned in rotterdam and in a museon in Holland.
but now they are storage for after my move. i missing them.-S
but i miss more, so after i have been seatled there will come a moving of my art work as well.LOL
hey wish you a nice lazy sunday and think of making your own chedule in between your searching for a new job.
much succes and, all my love , have fun, happy crafting and lots of hugs and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
humm don't know if i have thank you,( so perhaps i do it again.)
thank you very much of your fave on my glamourish toilet paper beads project.
wish you much crafting fun with the making of yours, and.... have a nice fun creative crafty weekend as well;-D
much love, hugs and kisses and have fun with your own pet;-D <3
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaw so you reconize this kind of gluing as well.
Wolfje is yelling as well when she can't catch a fly.LOL she runs from the balcony inside to me and comlains a lot, then i must tell her i found out , that she is super good and a great fly catcher.LOL
and then she is eased down and will go on hunting again.
Muis when she is feeling okay she can scream like a siamees cat then i only must call her where i'm and then she comes to me and she will lay down on my lap.
they are lucky to have sombody like me always sitting, always a lap for them.LOL
humm it's not going well, but i had to travel to haarlem by car, i was laying but... still it don't feel good and fine.
but... i think i must accept it.
Found out this months that the community worker for disabled persons isn't smart she makes alot of mistakes.
sooo lot of troubles for nothing and it's all going wrong.
but... i have standing in my street to be in front of my new to be building and saw my appartment it was great.!!!
but ... it willcost more weerks so , again i must be patience.
i had to go to haarlem for a hearing, don't think i have complised anything but i have set the lawer in his place he was sooo unjustice to me it 's all technical but it wasn't right.
so we didn't liked each other.LOL
my neck isn't going well, the brace i need to hold my neck staidy and my head in the right place with out bumbs inside was going wrong again, this was the fifth time.
but.... the heatlh insurancy called that firm , they must call me monday and then i can decide to stop with them.
again more waiting time and all the time stucked longer at house.
this is allready 1, year and a half year. too long!!!
not healthy.
the lady was nice and kind and she felt sorry but in a way i could handle , so i thanked her;_D
Have uploaded a tute today , you can see wolfje on it. she was then having her birhtday party , with me and muis .LOL
i have spoiled her rotten.LOL
hey i wish you a great fun crafting week and enjoy the weather hummm but you wrote it's hot, how hot?
it's here still to cold it's about 18 degrees and some times but that's really some...times.LOL it's 25 . in holland is 30 celsius hot.
so i'm curious what is hot by you.?
oooh sounds interesting such a job, sorry for you that you haven't work for a while.
i understand that you must adjusth to again free time for your self. just make for every day a plan, it will help, and make a list of what you want and then a top 10 list and then pick one out to start with.
i have learned this from my coach.LOL
i having the same problems.LOL
but now i only must make things for my new house to be... ever sounds like a fairy tail.LOL
and she lived long and happy.LOL i hope humm not to old, i 'm allready very un healthy, it's all about the wrong gens.-S I tease my m um with that, i always tell you had have better choossen an other dad , both family parts are not healthy-S
and of both i have got the wrong ones.LOL
at first she was angry but now she knows it's just a joke and teasing , at that time they didn't know anything about gens.
hey must take my meds and... eat something i had made my self yoghurt icepops but they don't fill your tummy.LOL
think i will eat more yoghurt and some cheese, like a real dutch girl.LOland ... don't know, i 'm very allergic for all kinds of things and of food too so it's a dissaister to eat ,, nothing is yummie.
but that's me.LOL
love hugs and lots of kisses and wish you a funny crafting weekend and enjoy your free time, and have a n ice eveas we;;
greetings from holland.LOL no tulips incuded and wooden shoes neither.LOLxxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxo

Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaw that's sweet of you, thank you;-D
yeaaah i think you're right about pets and stay home owners.LOL
aaaw so yours doing the same.?LOL
it's really super glue they using.LOL
what kind of work do you? it's here summer holidays as well.
like that it's sooo quietly everywhere , in shops in my neigbourhood as well, only the centre is a real dissaister now. My city had canals that are differend of the one of Amsterdam and people love it to come to see them by boats.LOL
And of course all the other tourists ,
about crafting some day some time you will have time to craft, i'm sure of that, specially because you missing it too much.;-D
or make a plan for when.
that's helping me allways as well, other wise i will only do horrible boring daily jobs. the morning is my time, sometimes i must do other things but... i try to let my good hours free for myself;-D
hey have a good nice week xxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Yeaaah you're right.LOL but now it's more for me a resting day.LOL
have got some more damaging with a bumb i have received some days ago in my wheels , and now i must recouvering.LOL
not the fave thing to do for me, but... my cats love those days.LOL
they like it even better when i'm laying down so they can gluing them selfs on me.LOL
but mayby latter will give it a try. my friend wrote me that she don't will come because of her back problems. so i have some more time to spend on my own work.LOL
hope till soon;-D xxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaw thank you for your sweet responding and words.
thank you very much, and you've made my day;-D
i like it that we met each other as well.
Have a nice lazy crazy crafty sunday afternoon, and mayby till later;-XD
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
i Akiko, thank you for your fave on my love message match box project, wish you much fun with the making of,
and have a fun creative day and weekend as well;-D
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