Hellooo everyone,
I was Born in England with Caribbean roots, currently living in Sweden,I am a Professional Singer old school Soul, too many years for me to remember, have my own Mosaic Art Company, and have recently started sewing. I tried my hand at many different crafts over years,you name it! but I think I found my voice (so to speak), with Mosaics and now sewing, which was born from the shear frustration of not being able to find clothes to my taste anywhere,I am very much in the beginners stage. I have never had a sewing lesson in my life I stared at my sewing machine for at least six years before I went further than sewing a straight line for curtains, I cannot wait to be able to sew my own clothes, I am concentrating on recycling my old clothes, I have so many it's shameful, so far everything I have sewn 4 bags Happy is made from old curtains etc.. some are cut from small quilt covers I got free from catalogues!
I hope I will have a light-bulb moment and come up with something really original for a tutorial.
Many thanks to everyone for sharing!

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Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Hello Patty. Thank you for the favourites and the lovely comments on my projects. Feel free to drop by and message me if you would like help recycling clothes Happy