hello world! here's a bit about me..
music, film, the arts, dancing, biking, hiking, swimming, learning, laughing. anything really. as long as its challenging and/or fun, educational, silly, a little stupid and/or self-indulgent/destructive.
stalking the literati, coining new catch-phrases that never quite catch on, contact team sports, interactive street performance art, Pablo Neruda, digital media/social justice, cultural cross-sections, pomegranate seeds, organizing friend's medicine cabinets
Favorite Music:
michael franti & spearhead, dan bern, elliot smith, polyphonic spree, le tigre, kaki king, knaan, jason mraz, U2, marvin gaye, bob dylan, billie holiday, doba caracol, mickey finn, lorin bassnectar, greg packer, orbital, portishead, mark farina, brian eno, tamara nile, tracy chapman, ani difranco, the roots, ray lamontagne, neil young, buffalo springfield, traveling wilburys, howlin wolf, mississippi john hurt, bessie smith, big mama thornton, the crackercats, rich hope, lonesome spurs, marie macgillis & the model millionaires, danny B harvey, the head cats, unknown hinton, hot club quartette, jazzabilly blues, melissa mclelland, gonzalo bergara, bix beiderbecke, jeff buckley, cameron twyford, cut copy, pheonix, friendly fires, foals, califone, doves, POS, gift of gab, stuff my bf recommends; D
Favorite TV Shows:
only ones that play in art galleries (or are now canceled and lasted longer than 2 seasons. but no not friends. that show makes me get stabby )
Favorite Movies:
Michel Gondry, Darren Aronofsky, Wes Anderson, Richard Linklater
Favorite Books:
kerouac, vonnegut, milan kundera, thomas pincheon, ee cummings, dylan thomas, douglas coupland, hunter s thompson, tennessee williams, frost, pound, TS eliot, plato, ursula rucker, baudelaire, sartre, nietzsche, goethe, rousseau... so many

Favorite Quotations:
"No matter how great you are. It can’t work between us. You don’t have leather pants. And even if you did buy leather pants it still wouldn’t work. You don’t have the right body for them. It wouldn’t be believable. It’s not like I need leather pants all the time. Often I’m repulsed by my own desire for them. But it’s beyond fashion, it’s a spiritual hunger. It’s a leather-pant-shaped vacuum in my soul." - L.D. Tipping

"Love is a fire,
It Burns Everyone
It's the world's excuse
For being Ugly." - Leonard Cohen

If a traveler does not meet with one who is better or equal,
let one firmly travel alone;
there is no companionship with a fool.

- the bhammapada, sayings of the buddha

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Lolly.Bot · Enfield, England, GB
Hey Bex, you're more than welcome honey. Your stuff is beautiful. Also thank you for the friend request I gladly accepted lol.
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Hi Bex. I love the fabrics you have used on your version of gathered bustle. Did you find it ok to follow the 'how to'? Thanks for favouring my Mad Hatter Headband and the lovely comment Happy
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Hi & welcome to CO&K. Thanks for the favourites of my gathered bustle, underbust corset and tail coat. I like the idea of the waist coat bottom shaping on your corset Happy

CO + K User

I love your underbust corset.So please please can you scan it for me? Happy That would be great!!!

Greets Silvi