I'm veronica a crafting junkie homebody. I prefer to sit around the house and create rather than heading out into the big scary world. Happy unless of course it's to buy more supplies.

I am also a mami to 4 marina 17, jewel 10, portia 8 and lucien 2. I'm married to my best friend chris. We live in Katy Texas....a suburb west of Houston.

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Veronica C.
Veronica C. · Katy, Texas, US · 3 projects
I hope you were able to make it work. it is tricky to sew while pulling the elastic, the first few times i didn't sew the initial tacking well enough and snap i got popped by the elastic. lol

the elastic i use is 3/8" cotton in the natural color from joann's. i have tried using the clear elastic and i didn't like it, but that is just a personal preference. it worked fine i just like the cotton better. i buy it by the yard and i don't cut it until i have sewn to the end of the skirt so i make sure not to run out. if you ran out before you got to the end of the fabric you could probably just start where you left off with another piece of elastic.
Toni B.
Toni B.
Thanks for the help. I have never done that before. It does take a little technique; to pull the elastic tight and sew. I did run out of elastic before coming to the end of the fabric skirt. But I want to try another onesie dress.
Do you use standard non roll elastic ? And what width do you like ? Have you ever used the clear elastic 3/8" ?
Toni B.
Toni B.

I am having trouble with the elastic on the onesie dress...
I just don't get it.
If I cut the elastic to the circumference of the onesie how does it scrunch up on the fabric that is twice that long ?
Maybe a stupid problem but nonetheless ;-)