I'm currently really fucking bored with my situation in life at the moment so I'm looking at various different avenues to try and change that.

I ♥ animals. I have a miniature zoo - 2 dogs (Sam and Sophie. She's just had 2 puppies), 2 budgies (Ralph and Sherman), 1 conure (Sanchez.... smartest lil birdy I've ever met), a whole heap of fish and soon I'll be getting a snake. My dream is to work with animals but getting into that industry is much harder than I thought it would be.

I like arts and crafts. I make stuffed animals and dolls. Sounds lame but they're really cute so screw you if you don't like them.

I've been married. I'm getting divorced. I live with my boyfriend. We're moving to Melbourne in 2008 sometime whenever we can afford it.

I love music. I travel to see bands if they sell out in Brisbane because I'd rather fork out a heap of money to be a part of the live music experience than to sit at home and listen to a CD.

I like traveling. I'd travel more if I could afford it. There's so much world to see and so little lifetime to do it in.

I like cooking. I like food. I tried a chef apprenticeship once but head chefs are fuck heads and I can't deal with them. I'd rather be my own boss and cook good food than see someone served a steak that's been in the fucking microwave.

So what do I hope to get out of his page? I guess nothing really. I'm just tired to death of surrounding myself with people who only want to be around you because they want something... people who are shallow, conceited... people who can't think for themselves. Unoriginality shits me.

So if you're not just going to use me because I have a nice house and a big screen TV, or because I'm a generous person and have a hard time saying no, if you're not shallow, conceited, or an ideas thief you're more than welcome to come into my world.

And I think that's me in a nutshell. Love me or hate me.

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Samantha S.
Samantha S. · Champaign, Illinois, US
I love the colors on your giraffe. I was wondering what yarn choice you used to make it?
Pinocchio · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 30 projects
^^ you make such cute plushies
steph t.
steph t.
can you secretly send me your address?
maybe @ steph.tichenor@gmail.com ?
and thanks
steph t.
steph t.
have the turtle girl? wow.
maybe we could do a trade or something. hmmmm.
go look at my flickr and let me know if you would like a bracelet or a painting, http://www.flickr.com/photos/stephiblu/sets/368658/
Mafalicious · 4 projects
I heart all of your amigurumi! I'm a knitter trying to learn to crochet for the sole purpose of making my own amigurumi.
Darling Niki
Darling Niki · Clearwater, Florida, US · 20 projects
Thank you for the wonderful comment Happy I hope your week starts off great!
steph t.
steph t.
you crack me up!. i was checking out the turtle girl (i love turtles!) and it is so cute, and then what you wrote up there is so----ummmmm-----different then the cute things you make. it is kinda funny!