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Haven't got a fancy ceramic wax melter for your favorite wax scents? No problem...
So first you need an empty can, a nail, a pair of pliers, and a metal cutting tool. I used scissors, but this is really bad for the blade, tin snips would work best.
Other things you will need are a small candle, I chose a tea light but if your can is taller you could use a votive, and your choice of scented melting wax.

1. Take your nail and make 4 pilot holes half way round the can. Two on top below the rim of the can and two at the bottom matching up to the top holes.
2. Cut vertically with your tin snips from one top hole to the other top hole then do the same to the bottom holes.
3. Now find the center between the holes vertically and make a single cut down the middle. <It should look like a pair of french doors now>
4. Carefully, the edges are sharp!, with your pliers fold back the "doors".
5. Now again carefully remove the tab from the lid of the can making sure not to damage the flap of the cans opening. Once you do this gently push the flap back into place so the can appears closed.
6. Flip the can over and place a very small amount of the scented wax in the dish formed by the former bottom of the can. <The wax I used came as a 4 pack of cubes meant for a ceramic holder and one cube equaled a full holder. You will probably only need less than half of a single cube for your can warmer.>
7. Light your tea candle and place it inside.

You're done! Enjoy the wonderful aroma as it flows around the house.

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