Crafty Things I like: baking, cooking, knitting, painting, modding Nerf guns, minimal sewing, and really anything I can wrap my brain around. I really like gifty things and useful whatnots.

Non-crafty Things I like: my husband, my dogs, my church, singing, driving rental cars, reading cookbooks, making music, skipping, xbox360 games, Joss Whedon, netflix, vacation, organization, naming things, eating, other countries, Apple Inc., fuzzy blankets, fondue, and board games.

Words I use regularly that don't necessarily exist: fadoobadie, shnarf, chazwozzle, and snigglet.

Favorite tv shows that are no longer on the air: Firefly, Pushing Daisies, and Arrested Development.

One of the three wishes I would ask a Genie to grant: to be able to swim like a fish.

Dream Job: to build mansions and then live in them.
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