OH HOW I LOVE THIS SITE!!! There are so many great, easy ideas here to keep me motivated and at last I have a way to keep track of my projects to see them through to completion.

Since I live and travel around in an RV I don't get to craft stores often (boohoo), but supplies are never short - I love digging around in the recycling bag for upcycle ideas and just need to look around me for inspiration. There is so much to do around here:

I love clothes but wardrobe space is precious, so I'd like to make up for it this year by dressing up what I have with felt, needlework and cutting up our kids constantly outgrown clothes for fabric.

I also have plans to redo the boring walls in the RV with paint, decoupaged magazines and photos and a cork tile wall for pinning up our maps and memories.

The rest of the mini projects for this year will be mostly birthday and christmas gifts, and making handy things as I need them.

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Krafty Kitty Kat >'.'< · Blackburn, England, GB · 11 projects
thanks 4 favin!!
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hello, thanks for liking my hairsticks- and nice to meet you!
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cheers the wool is fab made so much out of it! great for hats

the boy laughed when i made it saying it was totally useless until the day his coffee glass was too hot to hold haaaaaa i produced it from my bag and had to take a photo and make him eat his words!