Me? Mi loves:
Mortal Instruments.
-Simon Lewis <3
Infernal Devices.
-Jem Carstairs <3 (but I can't deny that Will is sooo temptiiiinggg)
-Accio Logan Lerman!
Gale Hawthorne (or maybe just Liam Hemsworth *_*)
True Blood, Vamp Diaries, all that good stuff. Glee, too.
Coldplay, The Script, Fall Out Boy, Adele, Paramore, Lifehouse, OneRepublic...
I like writing Happy

Uhhhh, I make a lot of shirts thanks to the funny and very awesome designs that people post online Happy
OH OH, I'm also in love with The Host by Stephanie Meyers. And Wattpad. And Marvel (X-Men fo shoo).

Also Skype. Lots and lots of Skype.

Is it obvious that I'm a teenager...XP

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