I am assuming you've figured my name is Dana...you figured right.

*I am a 5"6- 5"9 woman thing depending on the day.
*I have a mohawk and My hair color changes frequently, all the color hues of the rainbow.
*A long time vegan, and part time animal rescuer ( I like to pretend I am a super hero when I am trying to help stray animals)
*I am a soon to be 20 year old glob of accumulating useless knowledge with a punky goth anything feel, a dirt poor artist (but that's perfectly fine, I would not have it any other way) hoping to do something useful with my talent.
* I love just being crafty ALL the time,it doesn't matter what it is, also I enjoy music and playing piano, some dancing here and there as well.
* Currently I am just busy painting mostly pop arty logos, and have newly gotten into sewing.
*I do prefer to be alone listening to music and working on a project than I would being with people, but most of my projects end up as gifts for people.
* I generally have a kind spirit and would love to help anyone, But I am just so slightly twisted that it makes everything more fun.

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Dana B.
Dana B. · 55 projects
Thank you very much ^_^
Teri · Charlotte, Michigan, US · 7 projects
Wow Your a real great artist and I love you style!!!!
Miss-Reptilian · Peterborough, England, GB · 4 projects
Thank you for adding my makeup look to your faves hun! ^_^
DarkAshHurts · 119 projects
Just wanted to say, i love all ur projects. Happy
. · Mumbai, Maharashtra, IN · 14 projects
Thanks for the fav on my lips are sealed!