Stains on dog fur and tear stains

So I got 2 English bulldogs, and both of them have white fur somewhere or another.
What's a way to keep the fur white?
(Usually it just turns this gnarly colour from playing and whatnot?)
And they both have white on their face, but tear stains turn it a gross brown colour.
Anyways to get that stuff off?

We tried using a product for that, but on the one with really heavy tear stains (before we bought her, her pervious owners had eye surgery done on her. Now her eye's rarely ever completely open :/), but they just wouldn't come out.

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Hiya, my dog is a terrier crossbreed but mostly looks like a big, tall, scruffy Yorkshire terrier. He's white and blonde in a few places which discolours pretty quickly once he's been rolling about in the grass (or worse). I found standard dog shampoo pretty useless so I mostly use chemical-free vegan human shampoo on him like the Tara Smith shampoos I buy for my son, or one of the Lush Shampoo bars which have the added benefit of making him smell a lot better! Happy But I'm still having trouble with getting rid of the tear stains. As he's long-haired I find keeping the area around his eyes trimmed down helps but that's not going to be the case with your dogs (are they Staffordshire Bull Terriers?). The tear staining is quite brown and sticky so I'm wondering if rubbing a gentle oil like coconut oil over the area with a soft cotton pad might help lift it out???

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I'll look into the Lush soap lol Our dogs just always smell wet
I don't care what anyone says: A wet dog is a smelly dog, even if they're wet from a bath!

Both of them are English Bulldogs, so the fur around their face is pretty short.

Never heard of using that :o
People kept saying use hydrogen peroxide, and I'm not THAT desperate to get rid of the stain!
But I'll see if I can find anything on that :3
(When it comes to the dogs, I wanna get as much info as I can on anything I'm gonna put on their skin, ya know?)

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I use avon skin so soft, works great, doesn't hurt moo and smells good too

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Tear stains are actually caused by a yeast-like fungal infection, and although you can buy products containing antibiotics, it can be helped a lot by a change in diet.
The best thing for washing your dog is Johnston's Baby Shampoo, I know vets who recommend it.

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michelle G.
I actually have that :o
I'll try it out.

And your dog is so cute!!~♥

nora c.
Yea, her eye was just all icky after her sugery :/
I think was very unncessary (they did a lot of surgeries on her that she didn't need) and just messed with her eye.
It might have had an infection. It would make a lot of sense Happy
Our other dog doesn't have any tear stains now, but if he does start to get them, I will keep that in mind! Happy Thank you! Happy

I'll think about the Johnson's baby shampoo :3
(My only issue is that they test on animals, so I'm always kinda iffy on buying their stuff, ya know? :o)

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