Deleting comments?

Since when please is CO+K deleting comments from my projects? Has anyone experienced that too?

Every non-100%sunshiney comment is -gone- and I'm sure it's the same with comments on other users. How is this page supposed to help people if any trace of criticism, even constructive criticism, is just taken off without noticing the user who posted it or even leaving a blank comment with a note like "comment deleted because of..."?

I didn't even realize one could report comments or anything.
This is just so wrong...


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1 reply since 29th August 2010 • Last reply 29th August 2010

We haven't been deleting comments, it's not something we do! Can you point us to the place? Also, next time send us a message, so it doesn't get missed.

We're hoping to add a system for members to delete their own comments in the future though.

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