What concerts have you been to?

Sorry if there is already a post about this but...I was just wondering what concerts/shows have you all been to and if you have any awesome stories about them. Here's my list.

Blink 182 (my first concert when I was 12, so much fun <3)

Destiny's Child

Three Doors Down with 7 Mary 3 and Tantric

Metallica with Godsmack

Red Hot Chili Peppers with Weezer

Blue October with katharine mcphee, Uncle Cracker and Imagine Dragons. I love Blue October, Justin was amazing.

Reel Big Fish, Five Finger Death Punch, The Used, Escape the Fate, Story of the Year, The Bled, Never Shout Never, The Cab, Hey Monday, Less Than Jake and like 10 other bands. It was fun, but the mosh pits were terribly violent and I got bruised up pretty damn bad. Got to meet 5 Finger Death Punch and get my CD autographed. Ivan was sweet and took pics with me and let me kiss him *blush*

I just got Blue October tickets for my birthday! So i'll be seeing them next month then i'll see 3oh!3 in november

OK your turn.

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Haha compared to your list mine sucks =P ok so my first concert was Porcupine Tree (you've prolly never heard of them lol) anyways my dad is in web design and he has been doing their web site for years. (www.porcupinetree.com) So I got to go meet the band and hang out on their tour bus for like ten minutes before the show, and that was pretty cool. =) My second concert was Porcupine Tree, again, the very next night. =) And my third concert was a Tesla concert a few years ago.

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I have never heard of them but that's awesome! I'll have to check them out, Tesla must have been a good one too. I just paid 80 something dollars for my Blue October tickets....my boy friend calls me today and said he won two free tickets. Mine are non refundable, just my luck.

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Hmm. Haven't been to a concert for aaaaaages, but thinking back:

Iron Maiden
The Sisters of Mercy
KISS with L7, Skunk Anansie, and Thunder
The Counterfeit Stones
Monster of Rock: Aerosmith, Therapy?, The Wildhearts, Terorvision, Extreme, Sepultura, and Pantera
Radio 1 Roadshow: Manic Street Preachers (yes really!), East 17, and Messiah

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Haha...I've only been to one "concert". It was Blues Traveler, here in Brunswick, GA. (Very small crowd for what was once an amazing band) I still think they're awesome.

Anyways, this was just a couple of years ago, and I'll be 28 soon. lol I never really got into music. At least not the bands that are current. I'm kind of a 50's-60's fan and I'm pretty sure most of those guys are dead. lol

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oh my, i reminisce about my seen concerts now...
i was at many shows of german more unknown bands...
Cpt. Planet i saw two times and at the first show there only were fivteen people and only half of them paid for it...
The Beatsteaks (also two times) one show in a very very tiny location with definitely too many people, so the sweat was dropping from the ceiling...
Die Ärzte, my heroes for forming my music taste Happy i saw them four times, one show was an open air on new year´s eve... it was COLD!!!
Exilia (an italian female-singer nu metal band)
Farin Urlaub Racing Team
Deathstars (i nearly died of the uniform-wearing singer, he´s so sexy!!)
Festival called OpenFlair 2009/2010: Deickind, Fettes Brot, Turbostaat, Ska-P, The Gaslight Anthem, Bad Religion, NoFX, Against me!, Lagwagon The Hives!!, Smokeblow, Flogging Molly, Taking back Sunday... ehm, i think i forgot many of them...

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I haven't gone in a while, I can't afford it any more and I got sick of little kids being in 16+ or 18+. (Their parents come then sit at the bar)

Lets see,
Bowling for soup
Social Distortion
Linkin Park
Tokio Hotel
A bunch of different people at Ren fairs
and I know there's more but my minds drawing a blankHappy

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Nightmarequeen, that sucks about the tickets! =( See if some friends want to buy them at half price maybe? If not maybe just give the tickets to someone..it would be a shame to waste them!
Yea I'm not surprised that you don't know PT..their fan base is mostly musicians because their music is really technical and complex. They don't conform to what's popular today, and they just kinda dance to their own beat (so to speak)..but that's why I love them! =) You should check them out and let me know what you think. =)
And yes, the Tesla concert was really fun! And I got a tee shirt! <3 I forgot to mention that they were touring with Cinder Road (who I'm a big fan of since then) =)
[AND yes, I'm aware that it is not proper english to start a sentence with the word and. =P ]

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Pandora: Those are some good bands, i'd love to see Pantera. Manic Street Preachers!!! I just heard their version of Umbrella.

Dessah: My family loves Blues Traveler, I grew up listening to them when I was little. Too bad there was a small crowd for themHappy

So LaLa: What a great list. Ooo the Deathstars do look delicious in their uniforms don't they! I almost got to see Bad Religion too, but they canceled and some crappy band filled in for them.

Kirsten: I know how you feel. Even though I'm only 21, the younger crowd sometimes likes to ruin things. At the last show I went to the kids would throw totally filled and closed water bottles as far and hard as they could. Nothing like getting smacked in the face by some random bottle while you're rockin' out!

Taylee: Yeah I'm gonna try and sell them since none of my friends like Blue October. I'm even trying to talk my mom into going with us because I know she likes them too. I'll check out PT for sure. Sometimes you just can't help but start a sentence with and lol

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kirsten and nightmare, you´re right about this age-thing... even i´m only your age, nightmarequeen, i have to say i sometimes feel a bit old... ok, i was at younger too but i think it´s not neccessary to throw things or hit somebody just to start some "violence because that´s cool"... and i noticed that more and more people became reckless about people who fell on the ground in the mosh pit...
oh, and i´m sorry bad religion have cancelled the show you wanted to see, but i have to say when i saw them it wasn´t that overwhelming as i expected... maybe it´s because the singer isn´t that charismatic as i thought he would be... after half an hour everything sounded the same and my boyfriend and I went to get some food... at the end of the show er were back andd they played the "evergreens" so it was alright but one and a half hour was definitely too much for me Happy

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Well, I think I already told you this one Nightmare... But just Gwar and Danzig, I did see the Causalities and Ratt too, but I don't really count those as they weren't very good.But like Dessah Most of the bands I wanna see have all stopped playing or the members are passed away Not too much newer music out there I enjoy. Happy Violent Femmes Id like to see though.

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I saw

Greenday "American Idiot" tour (with Jimmy Eat World)

My Chemical Romance "Revenge" tour (with Thrice)

Hedley (on their first Canadian tour with MXPX and Faber Drive)

Taste of Chaos tour: like 10 bands I can't really remember them all but there was: Aiden, The Used

Faber Drive (with Hello Operator. They came to my high school at the time)

My Chemical Romance "Black Parade" tour (2 nights in a row in different cities ^^)

Project Rev. tour : Mindless self indulgence, Placebo, Taking back sunday, My chemical romance, Julien K, other bands I can't remember, and Linkin Park (I met Frank from MCR... it made my year!)

Alexisonfire (with Anti Flag)

Greenday again (they are sooo great live I forget who else played)

Metric (with the Arkells)

I've been to more but I can't remember...

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NightmareQueen: Actually when Pantera were announced as the next act, we fled for our lives before the hard-core fans rushed the pit! We watched them from far away in safety ^_^

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I'm just going to tally up the bands I think.
Hey Monday: At least 4 times. * .................. Carolina Liar: 1
All Time Low: 2 * ........................................ CAKE: 1
My Chemical Romance: 1 ............................ This Providence: 2 *
Tommy And The High Pilots: 2 .................... The Record Life: 1
We Shot The Moon: 2 .................................. The All American Rejects: 1 *
I Am Empire: 1 ............................................ The Academy Is..: 3
Madina Lake: 1* .......................................... Bidwell: 1
We The Kings: 3 or 4** ................................ Fall Out Boy: 1
Stereo Skyline: 1 .......................................... NeverShoutNever: 1 *
Van Morrison: 1 ........................................... Leathermouth: 1
Dead To Me: 1 ............................................. Mansions: 1
Scissors for Lefty: 1 ..................................... Italia Conte: 1
Cyndi Harvell: 2 ........................................... Evan Taubenfeld: 1
Panic At The Disco (When Ryan and Jon were still there): 1
Phantom Planet: 1 ....................................... Metro Station: 1

And then I've been to Warped '09 and Warped '10. (Warped bands marked with *, one for each warped date)
I think that's pretty much it. I'm probably missing a few.... It's not really in any order. ^^;

I have two very good stories (in my opinion) one of them is actually a bit similar to Nightmarequeen's in one aspect.
On Bill And Trav's Bogus Journey Tour Carolina Liar was playing. I went crazy because I really liked them and I was singing and dancing during their entire set. I noticed that Chad Wolfe, the lead singer, had given me a nod and so did the bassist, Erik. After their set and another one I started to get dehydrated and left the crowd to get some water and get some air in the merch area. I sat and talked with Hey Monday's merch guy for a while just chatting, and then I got up to look at merch again and who comes bounding in? Chad Wolfe. As soon as he walks into the room he yells, "Hey! We saw you out there, you were great!" I was shocked. I told them that they were fantastic as well. And so then for two hours I just got to sit and talk with Chad and he introduced me to the rest of the band. When I would sit against the wall drinking water Chad would always stop and ask me how I was doing and if I needed anything. He would also hug me randomly, doing merch one second and then he'd run up and hug me and run back. Chad took me under his wing and introduced me to anyone who would listen, and we all generally had a good time. Then my friends walked up and said I we had to go so I ran back to Chad and I said, "Chad, I've got to go."
"Really? Okay, if you say so. Come see us again, alright?" I nodded and said, "You too," and then we hugged really spastically and genuinely (did not know that was possible X3) and then he kissed me on the cheek and hugged me again. I remember my best friend said, "Well someone made a new friend."

I'm still waiting for them to come back, they haven't been in my area or really anywhere as far as I can tell for quite a while.

I'll post my other story later because this was really long and I'm going into total giggle fits right now, ha ha. ^^;

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OK this will age me but here goes.You have to remember I am 40+
I grew up in Basildon Essex in the 1980's so
Watched Depeche Mode practice in the church hall and early gigs
Nick Kershaw
Simple Minds-Texas as support Cardiff Arms Park
Freddie Mercury's Memorial Gig Wembley-G&N,George Micheal and everyone else!
Coldplay X 4-all amazing but the Gorge.....
Beautiful South lots
Bare Naked Ladies 3
Robbie Williams
Bon Jovi
Mark Knophler

Off to see Roger Waters play the wall in Dec

At a Beautiful South gig with Bare Naked Ladies in support at Birmingham NIA.My hubby was in States so I took my Dad.We arrived way early, sat 10ft from the stage and watched the crowd arrive.We had a laugh guessing about the crowd and eventually had to stand.
As it got crowded a guy crashed into me and the crowd around adjusted.
The guy next to me turned to my Dad and said "Is your wife OK?"
We laughed so hard that I forgot my crushed foot !
The light went up and there was a spare mike stand at the front of the stage.Bare Naked Ladies were missing a man Steve Payne arrived during the second number and was made to explain in rap why.
He had driven to the NEC and been told by security that he wasn't playing there that night!

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