Red, White & Blue Fat Quarter Tie Banner

I bet you are wondering how in the world could there be anything as cute as this Red,White & Blue Fat Quarter Tie Banner to hang on your mantel or entertainment center? Well guess what you are right this is the cutest. Creating it was even easy, and fun! Of course I did a fun Skype & craft with my sister on this great occasion of crafting. If you haven’t done with this some of your besties or sisters you have got to try it. It’s a great way to stay in touch and enjoy doing something fun. I know that the 4th of July has come and gone, but I love to keep it patriotic all summer or year long. This banner could be made with any of your favorite colors or holiday themes. I just happen to love the Red, White & Blue theme. I love the American pride that this tie banner shows when I hang it on my entertainment center. I am definitely a newbie when it comes to sewing. I am not a pro in anyway, but fabric I do love. This no-sew fabric craft is a great project for any crafters out there. No matter what your level of skills. I love using fabric in no sew projects and this Fat Quarter Tie Banner is just that…a no-sew project! You can use a variety of fabrics. The more the merrier I say.



6-7 different fat quarter fabrics


Begin by unfolding all the fat quarters and fold them hot dog style. Then cut one cut about 1 inch wide until you have cut all the fat quarter into strips. Then cut 16-17 strips of burlap material. They need to be 1 inch wide as well. Now it’s a simple finish. Tie the fabric on the length of the twine. I did my arms length of twine. Tie the fabrics closely together. Make a pattern with all of the different fabrics you have and follow that pattern until the end of the twine. Be sure to leave a little bit of twine at each end to use to hang it up with. Now I hope that you have your cute Fat Quarter Tie Banner finished now hang it up for all to see and admire it.

Medium fat quarter tie banner
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