I'm not really a waitress...

Hi everyone!

You read that right: I may wait tables during the day...but I moonlight (and morning light...and every light in between) as a crafty blogger.
I mostly love to design new crochet projects and cards, but I'll follow any idea that proves inspiring.
I'm super stoked to be joining the Cut Out + Keep community because I always need more crafty people in my life - and already I've seen so many cool ideas from you all!
Don't be strangers - tell me what you're working on now Happy

lindsey mae

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Welcome to Cut out & Keep.
If you try to post a similar project to one you have seen here, please use the link that is on the page of the original piece. It is listed under the favorite button in a white box called( +add your version ). This makes it easier for viewers to see and appreciate similar crafts.
I hope to see your crafts soon.
Sincerely. Mistress Nora of Madness

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