Hello from Southern Indiana!

Hi y'all...I'm pschraff from southern Indiana. Just moved here, across the Ohio river, from Louisville, Kentucky where I spent the last 34 years. I lived here in New Albany prior to that, so you could say I've come back home. I especially love that it doesn't take very long to get from one side of town to the other. In Louisville, it took a MINIMUM of 45 minutes! So glad to be back home.

Anyway, I'm a jabberjaw...if you couldn't tell. I'm semi-retired, and once upon a time, before I developed arthritis in my hands, I was a beader and made and sold a lot of beaded jewelry. I sold my business two years ago. I also used to play guitar, but can't anymore. Some parts of getting older, really suck.

I love reading, writing, cooking and baking. I'm a big fan of movies, love music, and spending time with family and friends.

I used to sew a bit, and want to get back to doing that, so that's why I'm finally participating in this site after joining in...I'm ashamed to say, 2008!!

I absolutely LOVE this site and what it offers. I'm always amazed at how truly creative people can be. I mean, who thought about making a tiny terrarium into a necklace??

Hope to "meet" some of you in the near future!Ruler

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