Greetings! :)

Hello fellow crafters! I am fairly new to this site and so far have enjoyed looking around and seeing all the neat ideas! I am really excited about getting used to this site! I am also looking for a pen pal! I enjoy scrapbooking, all kinds of different crafts, and am trying to get into sewing. I am wanting to make some maxi dresses and skirts. I also have considered getting into quilting. Can't wait to hear from you all!

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Hello!! Welcome to CutOutAndKeep (CO+K)!
You seem very interested in this site (obviously I am too)
I can't wait to see your projects!
This site has almost all types of projects so if you need help in making something look it up here or if YOU have a new idea why not share it to us! Happy
Also, if you have any problems or if you are unable to do something you should inform Tom, Cat and of course our crafting superhero Crafterella!

Just in case you've not seen Crafterella comics:
Once again, welcome to cutoutandkeep Happy

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