Recycling Apps That Encourage A Green Lifestyle

It is easy to be green.
Living a greener lifestyle is not as difficult as you might think. Some people may not know what items can be recycled or how to go about it. In this modern world, it is easy to find some great apps for your mobile phone or tablet that will help you recycle and reduce your carbon footprint. Here are just a few to help you get started.

A great app to assist you in rubbish disposal. This app lists over 350 recyclable items and explains how you can recycle them with relative ease. You can even input your current location and iRecycle will tell you where you can recycle your waste in the United States.

Known as the only recycling app you will ever need, this app allows you to earn points for recycling, which can be used in exchange for various items or donated to conservation charities. A great incentive to help with any sort of rubbish or waste removal, you can download Recyclebank and help reduce landfill in your area. With its own support website, you can also learn an abundance of information on greener living.

A relatively new comer to the app market, Ecosmart is yet another similar app that aids in waste clearance. More specifically, it is able to tell you which items can be recycled. Available free on Google play. What makes it somewhat unique is the fact that it can tell you which recycle bins to use for your waste. Most local councils have coloured recycle bins which are used for different items.

Gimme 5
Gimme 5 is quickly becoming a very popular app to help you with rubbish clearance. Have you ever seen numbers moulded onto plastic bottles from 1 to 5? The numbers are usually surrounded by three arrows in a triangular shape. Well those numbers mean something. It is called a recycle number, or the SPI resin identification system. This number helps you identify what kind of plastic was used and whether or not it is safe for recycling. The most common number used in these containers is a 5 which is polypropylene. Gimme 5 quickly and easily identifies the number and tells you if you can recycle it or not. Also a great help in telling you about plastic recycling in general.

Recycle Right
Last but definitely not least is the Recycle Right app. A virtual leader in the recycling app market, recycle right has at least six different features to help recycle. It can easily identify which bin is to be used for your items. It also has a searchable database with great tips on how to recycle and reuse items. The Find my nearest feature of the app allows you to search for nearby recycling depots using GPS technology. The take part menu lets you know about local community initiatives to help with recycling. Recycling food is easy with the leftovers option. OK, it might not be actually recycling but it helps reduce waste by giving you easy to understand recipes so you can reduce the amount of food waste.


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