Sweet lolita shoes?

I'm planning to cosplay at a con in october, and i'm making mine and two of my best buddies lolita costumes, they are both going as gothic lolitas, and i'm going as sweet lolita.

Now my dilema is, what shoes do i wear? I'm lending Gabi these combat-ish boots, with bows from mudd I bought on sale for $7. I'm lending them because my style is sweet lolita, and they're to gothic to go with my pink and white outfit.

So now I have no shoes to wear, not that the boots would go anyways. Do you guys think theese are lolita enough? i want them to be under $20, becaue i have no money Happy




some normal lolita shoes



honestly, some of the actal lolita shoes are just too high for my taste, and i cant even walk in those crazy high heels! And i know they're black shoes, but they're going to be paired /w white stockings for that cute loli look, and i do have some ballet flats that look very MJish, but they're a bit worn. Maybe i'll just fix them up /w some lace? And the reason i am not wearing the black boots is that they are to rocker-punk-ish and dont go AT ALL, but fit in /w gabis Happy

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I think the first ones are the best sweet lolita shoes :]

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ya i did like those the best, i saw these really loli crocs of the crocs wevsite, with a heel and everything, but they cost the same as ACTUAL lolita shoes Happy I think i will get those Happy

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