CV help needed?!?!

I really really want this job, and I can do the stuff they require but thanks to my anxiety and depression I have a hard time writing about myself without feeling like a self obsessed eejit!

Thats the link for the job I want, I doubt severly I'll get it but I want to give it my best shot. My mum recommends that I talk about my creative interests etc. Has anyone got any hints or tips on making my CV stand out (it has to be sent via email) and what sort of things I should put on it?

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You should definately put stuff about things you do in your spare time but don't spend too much time on it 'caused in the end, they won't hire you for being able to knit or whatever. Talk a bit about your enthusiasm for media and how you think it's interesting - try and put something really nice, like when my friend wrote her personal statement for doing fashion at uni, she wrote something about how fashion is the only democratic form of art because anyone can take part. And you also want the usual "I work hard, work well in a team but also as a leader, have brilliant ideas" stuff

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Thanks KK, I'm planning to give the CV another hour of my time lol. Hopefully It'll be ok. It looks really dull though as it's entirely in black and white, going to have to get creative afterwards lol.

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You're not meant to jazz it up too much. Otherwise they think you're trying to impress them with pretty colours, and you actually have nothing to write. It should also only be about a page long, or two pages, not like one and a bit. Sorry, I was reading stuff about it a while ago haha

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First of all write a covering letter, dont pled with them but make them see what they'll miss if they don't get you. Set it out as a proper letter date, dear sir/madam, etc and staple it to your CV, or in this case send it with it Happy here's a layout I used. If you don't have anything to put under some titles then dont put that title.


Your Name - Curriculum Vitae (In the middle)

Address: on its own on the right
Telephone: tel, email and DOB to the left after address


Year to & from: High School name
Subjectt & Grade - List best result to the least best

Year to & from: College name
Subject & Grade - List best result to the least best

Year to &from Uni name:
Degree, grade and what you had to do in each unit of your degree if you went to uni

Work experience:

Date to & From - Company name
What tasks you had to do, what you gained from it


I.T? pressure? deadlines? team work? technical media equipment?

Other Qualifications:

Anything gained while at school or college that's not GCSEs or A levels etc or out of those so like first aid etc (key skills if youve done that at college)


speaks for itself

Additional Information:

say stuff like you have dedication and passion, polite and friendly and once you put that hopefully you'll be able to think of more stuff Happy

Put all titles, start dates, school/college/company names in bold where ive made it bold, you can underline them if you want. CVs are for companies to see what qualifications and skills you have so they can decide whether or not you seem suitible compared to someone else, you will go into it more so in an interview. Keep it clean, clear and simple. My boyfriends mate put a frikkin logo and moto in the top right corner of his! don't do that lol. Proof read, spell check, get someone else to proof read. Oh aye, most importantly, pretend you're posh when you're writing it!

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Thanks for the help, I've sent it off now, so hopefully I'll hear something back! fingers crossed! xx

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good luck!

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