Stitch and Bitch Tokyo/Chiba

Hi im new to this site... but wanted to let anyone who lives in Tokyo know about a newly started Stitch and Bitch group...

We meet every friday in Tsudanama (which is in Chiba but not too far from Tokyo - on the East side). We meet at 7pm and knit until about 10 before usually heading tot he pub for a few drinkys.. but of course you can leave whenever/come whenever...

please email me if you wanna come and ill confirm that we are meeting that week:

All are welcome, we meet at 7pm. in the food court of Jusco/Aeon in Tsudanama.. which is 5 minutes from the station:

When leaving the gates of Tsudanama station, turn left and walk out of the station. You should see Parco department store in front of you. Turn right and take the path way towards the OK building (you should be able to see a sign for Haagan Dazs ice cream ). Before you get to the OK building, go down the staircase to your left. At the bottom of the staircase, turn right and walk towards the stop light. At the stop light cross the street and walk straight. The road curves a bit and you will soon see some rail tracks. Cross these tracks and you will see the Jusco/Aeon building straight ahead of you. The food court is at the opposite end on the first floor.

We have about 8 members now which is great, lets keep the people of Tsudanama intrigued with our clicking and clacking!!

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Cool, you live in Tokyo! I live in Australia so that kinda sucks.

Go onto the "Community" section of this site and click on "near you" and you'll find CO&K members that live near you. You might have to set your location first, if you haven't already. To set your location go onto your profile and click the tab that says "Account Setting", then on that page there should be a link to "Set your location".

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